Netzke Brothers Steer & Heifer Online sale – Bidding Ends Tonight!

Author: Kristy

Netzke Brothers Steer and Heifer Online Sale 
Bidding begins to end at 7:00pm CST TONIGHT
Sale Tag 1 – Farm Tag 636
Monopoly x Hairy Bear (Paris) Steer
Sale Tag 2 – Farm Tag 917
Rainmaker x Heat Wave Steer
Sale Tag 11 – Farm Tag 764
Monopoly x Friction Heifer
Sale Tag 3 – Farm Tag 884
Monopoly x Hairy Bear (Paris) Steer
Sale Tag 8 – Farm tag 499
Monopoly x Wulf Hunt Steer
Sale Tag 17 – Farm Tag 18
Mercedes Benz x Plpay Boy Heifer
Sale Tag 9 – Farm Tag 794
Monopoly x Hairy Bear (Paris) Steer
Sale Tag 14 – Farm Tag 769
Heat Wave x Easy Out Heifer
Sale Tag 16 – Farm Tag 5240
Heat Wave x Cigar heifer
Sale Tag 10 – Farm Tag 520 
Monopoly x WMW Steer
Sale Tag 5 – Farm Tag 699
Bodacious x Heat Seeker Steer
Sale Tag 19 -Farm Tag 819
Boardwalk x Paddy O’Malley Heifer
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