New Developments and Changes at the 69th Arizona National

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New Developments and Changes at the 69th Arizona National

Note: All changes and updates current as of June 4, 2016. Additional updates will be posted on the ANLS website and in the Premium Book.

Official Livestock Show dates for the 69th Annual ANLS are December 27, 2016 through and including January 1, 2017.

  • CHANGE: Market Broiler and Turkey official weigh-in moved to Tuesday, December 27th.
  • CHANGE: Gilt show and sale swapped days with market barrow show. Gilt show and sale will be on Thursday, December 29th and Market Barrow show will be on Friday, December 30th.
  • CHANGE: Sun Classic Heifer Show and Club Calf Show and Sale moved to Friday, December 30th.
  • CHANGE: Ag Mechanics Silent Auction will be ending earlier on Saturday, December 31st and will end at noon.
  • CHANGE: ANLS Raffle & New Year’s Eve Party will not be continuing this year but we look forward to expanding the Junior Exhibitor Barnyard Olympics!.
  • CHANGE: In the Junior Market Sheep Department, classification for Division: All Other – less than 50% black hair on its face, legs and head must have white wool present.
  • NEW: Junior Swine: Pens must be clean by 7:30am. If not clean then the exhibitor will receive a warning to get it clean, if not cleaned after the warning is given, then the exhibitor will be assessed a $25 pen cleaning fee.
  • CHANGE: Junior Sheep/Goats: Muzzle rule has been modified to allow the use of mesh or plastic muzzles that are of a style that allows the animal to drink water while on.
  • NEW: Junior Sheep/Goats: Animals must be slick shorn in a uniform length from the knee and hock up at time of arrival. There will be no sheering/clipping allowed on show grounds, only hand sheers and/or cordless clippers may be used for touch-ups.
  • CHANGE: Junior Heifers: All breeds will now use the expanded classes that were originally used for Angus
  • NEW: Open Cattle: Due to lack of entries, the Brahman Show has been eliminated. Exhibitors may still enter this breed in the All Other Breeds Show
  • NEW: Ranch Replacement Heifer Show: Required to show proof of Calfhood Vaccination.
  • NEW: Ranch Horse Show: Required to show proof of negative Coggins test.
  • CHANGE: The Arizona National Livestock Skill-A-Thon will be held at 9:30 AM, Wednesday, December 28.
  • CHANGE: Club Calf: Club Calf Pen Entry Fee remains $100 per pen, while the individual entry fee has been lowered to $40 per individual. Club Calf Pen entry will only consist of 3 head with 1 alternate allowed, if the alternate makes the sale as an individual then they are subject to the $40 individual entry fee.
  • NEW: Skill-A-Thon: Youth on the same team no longer need to be from the same county.
  • NEW: Exhibitors can now enter special contests online. Special contest participants will now be given the option to pay a $15 exhibitor fee if they would like to receive a show t-shirt.
  • NEW: All Junior Departments: All non-auctioned sale animals will be loaded out before the auction and the exhibitor is required to stay and care for their animal as well as load their own animal onto that resale truck (within the set time frames)
  • CHANGE: Gilt Show & Sale: Breed champions will be the only animals guaranteed to sell in the Gilt sale. It will be the judge’s discretion, after the breed champions, to allow anything else in the sale.
  • CHANGE: Feed store will now accept cash and credit cards only. No checks will be accepted.
  • CHANGE: Trailer staging will begin on December 26th in the North Parking Lot on grounds.
  • CHANGE: Western Legacy Jackpot Show has been eliminated from the event this year. Opportunity is still available to participate in the Prospect Steer Show.
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