Nine-Year-Old Raises Money For Rancher Relief

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As she helps her dad work cattle on their ranch near Hot Springs, nine-year-old Bridget Romey can look back on what she did to help ranchers who lost livestock in the storm.

Teaming up with her 4-H buddies, Braden Grill and Ryan Koupal, Bridget went door to door on Halloween to begin a fund drive that has now raised more than $900 for the Rancher Relief Fund.

The amount still amazes her and her friends.

“Wow,” Bridget said.

“Yeah, a lot of money,” Braden said. “I mean, it felt like we were helping the ranchers a lot. And it felt good.”

They were helping ranchers who suffered cattle deaths their own families were lucky to avoid.

“Those ranchers were about to sell those cattle and get money so they could buy their kids presents and put food on the table,” Braden said. “And it didn’t happen.”

To ranch kids, cattle mean much more than dollars and sense.

“There’s some cows that you like that you didn’t sell, that you wanted to keep for next year, and if you lost them, it’s pretty sad,” Ryan said.

Bridget spoke with her mom and decided Halloween was the day to start.

“Cause Halloween is mostly about like your costumes and celebrating yourself and just candy. But I thought we should give to others instead of taking from others.”

It didn’t end there, either. The kids inspired others, and donations continued long past Halloween.

That’s something a ranch kid can remember with pride, as she goes about the rituals of rural life.

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