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Offering: Heifer
Ear Tag: 8152
Sire: Unstoppable
Dam: Ground Zero
Breed: Maintainer 1/4 Chimaine 2.47%
D.O.B: April
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Comments: Our 8152 donor cow has produced some incredible calves for us. Last year she produced a $15,000 bull and a $9000 steer. This year in our Sept sale, 5 of the 19 head were out of this cow, and that included our top selling steer at $42,500. We kept this heifer for our second sale to show just how well she can produce females too. This is her natural calf. We feel that this heifer is one of those betweener heifers, meaning that she could be either shown maintainer or market. No matter which way you would choose you will not go wrong. Study the video on her and watch her from the ground up. Flawless in structure and extremely feminine and long, cool fronted and has a big hip. After you show her, get ready to send her to the donor pen.

Offering: Heifer
Ear Tag: 6140
Sire: Chopper
Dam: Reg. Angus
Breed: SimAngus 1/2
D.O.B: March
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Comments: Chopper has done a lot of great things in our cow herd. You have to love her power and how well balanced she is. She has a ton of body and a great rib shape yet is so smooth in her shoulder and muscle pattern. She can get out and travel with a nice long stride. If you are looking for a really good half blood simmy to show and then make a donor, she will. This is the first heifer we have offered for sale out of her dam. It is hard to let these kind go

Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: 210
Sire: Jesse James
Dam: Monopoly/DeBull
D.O.B: March
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Comments: This steer is still a little greener but has exploded since he has been on feed. He has a world of potential with his softness of middle and good structure. Do not over look him and think that he is last in the sale order, he is anything but that.

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