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Author: Kristy

Pick Up Lines for Stock Show Kids


So Valentine’s Day will be here before we all know it. Have you found your sweetheart yet? If not, don’t worry. Raised in a Barn has some pick-up lines that are pretty classy and cheesy at the same time. This might get you a date, and it might get you a restraining order. Talk about fun.

*Raised in a Barn is not responsible for the outcome of any of these pick up line.*

  • I’ve chased purple banners, and I’m going to chase you. “This one could come off kind of stalkerish so be careful.”
  • You are as beautiful as the rising sun. “Probably should make sure the person is in FFA, so they would understand what you are talking about.”
  • You can lead me anywhere. “Also, could be kind of weird.”
  • I named my sheep after you. “This one could be offensive.”
  • I’d buy Polo for you. “That’s a way to a true stock show kid’s heart.”
  • Want to go on a date to the State Fair? “True love will bloom for that one.”
  • You smell so good, like Sullivan’s good. “Sullivan’s spray is the best smell in the world.”
  • I would love to see pictures of your show steer. “Trust me, stock show kids love to show their livestock off.”
  • You’ve done tagged my heart. “Extremely cheesy, but maybe good if the person has a good sense of humor.”
  • If I were the judge I would pick you, for my heart. “This would work great if you are a livestock judger.”
  • You’ve got really hands, I bet you could fit a mean back leg on a steer. “If this doesn’t work at least you might have someone to help you fit your cattle.”
  • You are the Grand Champion to me, and I’m going to Showmanship you off on a date. “Hahahaha I seriously am a comedian.”
  • You have a nice really nice hair, like better than my heifers hair. “I bet that one would raise some questions.”
  • Hey I like how you braced your sheep, how about you embrace me in a hug. “This one is just asking for a restraining order.”
  • Wow, I’ve done hit the jackpot when I first saw you. “This would work great if you were at an actual jackpot show.”

Go out and have fun! Good luck to all the livestock exhibitors as stock show seasons springs up again.

Hopefully you find your sweetheart, and that you share your story with what pick up line you used when you met to Raised in a Barn. Be sure to follow Raised in a Barn on Facebook, or on Twitter/Instagram @raisedbarn. We now have a snapchat so look for us raisedbarn.

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