Prized cattle attacked in northwest Alabama; police say culprits could be jealous competitors

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LEXINGTON, Ala. (WHNT) – Inside a barn in Lexington, two prized cows were attacked earlier this week.  Police have asked WHNT News 19 not to reveal the location of the farm, and they’ve also asked us to limit how much we show of the cows.

“Someone would have had to know they were there,” said Lexington Police Chief Augie Hendershot. “Someone would have purposefully singled them out. I don’t think these were victims of opportunity.”

Chief Hendershot said someone went into the barn and cut electronic IDs from the cows’ ears.  The ID tags are used at cattle competitions to provide information about the owners.  The cows’ owners found the tags discarded in a nearby field.

“We’re figuring they were either trying to prevent them from competing or make them miss some competitions because these two girls are very successful,” he said.

So successful, the owners have won shows in Missouri, Indiana and Pennsylvania.  They were scheduled to compete in Montgomery this weekend.

“Instead of trying to go out and work hard like these children do, they are probably trying to find an easy way to win,” Hendershot said.

The cows’ owners are shocked this happened.  They spent several hours a day caring for the cows and preparing them for cattle shows.

With the two prized heifers’ ears being sliced, their competitive future is unclear.  A veterinarian said too much time had passed from the time the ears were cut, to when the discovery was made, for the ears to be stitched.  That time frame was about 12 hours, police said.

Police asked us not to show more of the cows than their ears because the owners have other prized cattle on the farm.  Each of the cows are worth several thousand dollars.

If you have any information on who may have attacked these cattle you are urged to call the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers at (256) 386-8685.  A reward is being offered in this case.

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