Rare quadruplet calves born in Texas

Author: Kristy

DEKALB, Texas (WRIC) — A heifer in DeKalb, Texas managed to accomplish the extremely rare feat of naturally birthing four live calves — all on her own!

The black calves, three bulls and one heifer, were named Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Moo.

A veterinarian in the area, and also a neighbor to the family who owns the cow, Michael Baird, says that he got to meet mom the next day.

Baird says he’s delivered several sets of twins in his 18 years practicing vet medicine as well as some “Siamese twins” as he called them, with two heads and six legs. Baird said he’d also seen a multitude of “interesting congenital defects, but I have NEVER delivered triplets, much less quadruplets.”

According to Veterinary Obstetrics and Genital Diseases (Roberts, 1971), the odds of a cow having quadruplets are one to 700,000. The odds of having all four calves born alive are one to 11.2 million.

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