Record breaking sales for Michigan beef

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Posted by Nicole Heslip

The 2015 Michigan Beef Expo surpassed sale records this year by more than $100,000.  Grossing more than $366,000 in total sales Saturday, the Michigan Cattlemen’s Association expects this sale was the highest on record for high quality seedstock genetics.

Livestock judge Barry Nowatzke, a beef producer from Michigan City, Indiana, says he looks for quality structure in the ring.  “In today’s time when we talk structure or soundness, it’s their feet and legs that’s a really big area that needs a lot of work.”

Nowatzke says quality animals and high market prices are a win-win for farmers.  “With today’s cattle prices being as high as they are, I encourage anybody that’s in the cattle business, good quality cattle always sell.”

Taking home his advice, Nowatzke looks within his own herd to improve quality. He tells Brownfield, “Anytime you can make improvements, that will ultimately help your bottom line.”

Nowatzke is a few weeks away from turning his herd to pasture, something that he says has been a long time coming.  “It’s time to go to grass and we’re looking forward to it.”

Nowatzke raises both Maine Anjou and Angus cattle.




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