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Author: Kristy


Offering: Heifer
Ear Tag: 3
Sire: Jesse James
Dam: Breathe Easy x Angus
Breed: Commercial
D.O.B: February
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Comments: This big, stout easy doing heifer is out of a first calf heifer that did a tremonduous job. Good sized, big backed, good moving and nice haired. She is TH and PHA free by pedigree. Broke to Tie.

Offering: Heifer
Ear Tag: 4
Sire: Monopoly 4
Dam: Silent Meyer x Angus
Breed: Low Chi or Commercial
D.O.B: March
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Comments: These Silent Meyer cows are tremondous here at my house. I sold a Silent Meyer bred to the Zahms and the 2nd calf out of her brought 31K!!! So in turn this is a 3\4 sib to her. What I’m trying to say is power, genetics, maternal ability all in one package, Little brownish and making her black would change her but that is done easily enough. Market or commercial either way but in the long run probably a big time Market heifer. Broke to tie.

Offering: Steer
Ear Tag: 6
Sire: Unstopable
Dam: Angus
Breed: Maine
D.O.B: March
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Comments: Stout made, chubby, hairy and Sound. Moderate sized and good necked. This steers momma is 11 years old and got stifled in pasture this summer so it took him just a touch longer to get going and WOW is he ready now. Appears as should be a good feeder and a good attitude. Broke to tie.

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