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CANFIELD, Ohio — With a start in hogs, but his heart in the rodeo and cattle, Carroll Rowe made a leap of faith more than 40 years ago. He sold the hogs and went into the cattle business full time.

Today, Rowe, 76, has 40 cows in his herd and he sells feeder calves that are mostly Angus crosses.


He purchased his Green Township farm in Mahoning County with his wife, Connie, in 1968. Hogs were his primary farm income, along with crop farming as much as possible on the 325-acre farm, but times were tough in the hog business. He said the profit margin was low and the interest rates on borrowing money to expand was too costly.

Rowe also had a small herd of Hereford cattle at the time, and had been raising cattle since he was in high school.

 Crossing genetics

After Rowe decided to transition solely to cattle, he soon began breeding Brahman genetics into the herd.

Even today, Rowe describes the Brahman and Hereford cross as the “best cross ever.”

“I enjoy seeing how different breed genetics work together and what you come up with when you put them together,” said Rowe.

Breeding cattle


Wanting to breed the best cattle he could afford, Rowe was an early adopter of artificial insemination. He said the breeds he wanted were often unavailable in the area, so he developed a relationship with COBA Select Sires and he would get the semen he needed from them.

“I always had the opinion you don’t pay attention to the breeds or the color. I just wanted to improve the cattle,” said Rowe.


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