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Author: Kristy

Meanwhile back in rural America, thousands of farmers, ranchers, factory workers, electricians, welders, nurses, pipe fitters, and small business owners took to the streets to protest the assassination and planned attack on police in multiple cities and towns as well as the countless times police or just everyday citizens have been gunned down, assaulted, mugged, robbed,stabbed or abused……oh wait….no they didn’t….they had to work today….and probably tomorrow on Saturday too. Because they had responsibilities. They had bills to pay. They had kids to feed or livestock to feed. They are passionate about their beliefs and about their way of life too…but they also wanna show their children there is right and wrong and not a gray area in between. They wanna teach their kids to be responsible and accountable for themselves and not to blame others. Teach them to realize that their
own belief in themselves will be the most important thing in their lives. Teach them to be humble and kind but not let anyone take advantage of them. Teach them they can always make a difference but it’s not by doing the things we see on TV today. Change starts with accountability from within. Our children will be responsible and accountable because I will hold them to a higher standard. We all need to open our eyes. If you think what you see on the news and read online will never make it to our small hometown living rooms you’re wrong. Start paying attention and speak up. If you don’t your way of life will change before you know it. You don’t have to be proud of America to be a Proud American.

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