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This kinda was a last minute decision to picture and video this calf. He and he mother were brought out the pasture picture morning put in the barn and when we got done picturing the Spring borns we ran him and his recip in the picture pen. He might have been in there 5 minutes tops, at the most. It took more time to get him separated from the cow than it took to do the pic and video.  Brad’s only comment was “what is that?!” when he walked in. 

I personally have never seen a calf of this age look like this. He is one cool dude!  We are going to do something different and sell a calf that was born July 31 on September 22nd. He is part of a set of Ivf sexed Monopoly x 112 calves we had born the first part of August that are something special to see. Be sure to see his video on our sale page at SC Online Sales. Two other spring born sisters and one solid black brother sell on September 22nd. 

We are also offering a IVF cycle on his mother to the bull of your choice.


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