Show Mom Diaries: 13 truths of the show mom life

Author: Kristy

Christy Lee  |  Updated: 07/17/2014

As our family has ventured to several shows this year, I have loved watching our boys having fun and continually improving – both in and out of the ring.

A shopping cart full of Joy dish soap? A regular occurrence. And the strange looks you get? They don’t phase you a bit.But another aspect of showing that I cherish? The chats, shared laughs and nods of understanding with fellow show moms.

One thing I’ve discovered – we share a great deal of common ground, especially during show season. There’s no joy that compares to the joy of watching your child in the ring, giving it his all.

I give you 13 truths we all understand.

  1. Manicure. What’s a manicure?
  2. You know the best spots in town to purchase Joy dish soap – and you’re not afraid to clear the shelf during a shopping trip. “What? Haven’t you seen a lady buy 12 bottles at a time? And, no. I don’t have a semi load of dishes to wash.”
  3. The cattle get more regular showers than you do.
  4. As a mom, you’re a natural caretaker. Feeding, bathing and the general well-being of your kids has always come first. But since cattle have entered the picture, there’s a new pecking order. Kids, then cattle, then yourself. (Oh, yeah. And the husband that likely needs some care and attention, too!)
  5. During the summer months, the sound of video games and TV shows is replaced by the sound of your child practicing his junior national and 4-H speech or sales presentation in the kitchen… and the living room… and the shower. And you’re not complaining one itsy bitsy bit.
  6. Between cattle chores, cattle shows and baseball games, your laundry is either completely caught up at all times – ensuring baseball uniforms are ready for the next day – or a seemingly hopeless endeavor. You’ve even considered donating the entire pile to charity and buying new wardrobes for everyone, just to preserve your sanity.
  7. Your once-pristine car is now a rolling show box, snack box and baseball dugout. And who knows the origin of that odd aroma you smell…
  8. And speaking of aromas, Repel-X® and Sullivan’s Final Bloom really should come in perfume and candle scents.
  9. “Me time” used to include a pedicure, and maybe dinner or drinks with friends. Now it means a trip to Big R for beet pulp, without the kids in tow.

10.  No gym workout can compare to lifting feed buckets and bales of hay, moving wheelbarrows, and the arm circles of washing those cattle over… and over… and over…

11.  You never know the true strength of your marriage until you’re on Day 8 of your child’s junior national, loading the trailer together for the 13-hour trip home. “You can’t seriously think we should load that FIRST, can you?”

12.  Sure, you experienced butterflies and a bit of nervousness when you were a young showman in the ring. But it is nothing – I mean, nothing – compared to the gut-wrenching, palms-sweating, gonna’-puke nervousness of sending your child into the ring to compete on his own.

13.  And the excitement of any winnings you may have experienced as a youth? It absolutely pales in comparison to the joy of watching your child find success on his own. That teary-eyed, totally sappy, makes-it-all-worth-it, overwhelming joy.



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