Snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington’s family traded in cattle for gold medal

Author: Kristy

By Jeff Passan



KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia – The cows never had names. Kaitlyn Farrington knew better. They were commodities, raised on her parents’ ranch in Idaho, sold for profit, the lifeblood of the agrarian lifestyle into which she was born. She was a barrel-racin’, mutton-bustin’ country girl, the sort who helped her dad with his hay crop.

Every so often, a twang pokes through the façade built up over the past eight years, a small reminder of those cows and what they meant. Every time Farrington needed to travel somewhere to snowboard, her parents would sell a few of them. At one point, Gary and Suz Farrington tended to 250 head. Today, they have none.

“Whatever you’ve got to do,” Gary said. “I mean, now look at what we’ve got.”


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