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Author: Kristy

My family has always been competitive, we have always had what I feel like is a target on our back. My second year in 4H I won Reserve champion hog at my county fair that next year I remember very clearly that people bid against pigs because I was, the second I won was the very second my family began to have a bulls eye on our back. Some people wanted to beat us, some wanted to be us, some wanted to try to get us kicked out, over my 10 years in 4H my family went through more things than I can even count and it all came down to people being jealous that my family is competitive.

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Now that we are at a point that the Cunningham girls 4H career is coming to an end I want to clarify somethings. First off we are competitive but that doesn’t mean we always wanted to win, more or less we just didn’t want to be last, we didn’t want to lose. Yes there is a difference! If we won, we won out in the barn, blood sweat and tears is how we got there and we did it as a family. Our show season was year round. State fair ended in the end of August and I bought next years cattle in September. The cattle were halter broke by January and March is when we began jackpotting them, worked with them every night rinsed or washed them every single night, made sure they were locked inside before 7 every morning. When we had pigs it was the same thing, early mornings, late nights. With the sheep take them for a long walk, run them on, work them on the stand, feed them, and lock them in. Many tears cried, voices raised, show sticks broke, pig boards thrown, suds sloshed, miles drove along with ribbons hung, high fives gave, smiles gleamed, hands shook and praises to God. We didn’t expect to win every single time, in fact more times than not we would go in that ring knowing which animal was going to win the show but it was duty to try to out show, that is just what us Cunningham Girls did best was show! We didn’t get there by buying the most expensive animals, the newest and greatest equipment, or cheating. We got there by buying good, sound, functional animals, finding good feed that works for that animal, asked for help, lots of practice, hard work, buckets of mistakes, and above all we got there because of FAMILY! We won and we lost as a family, it was team work. If you look around at all the “competitive families” they are families, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, etc..! The point is you will not win by complaining about those who are! 9 times out of 10 if you ask for help they will give it. Watch, listen, and work hard and you can be the one everyone is talking about!

“ I’d rather be the one at the top, the one everyone is talking about, than to be at the bottom talking about everyone else”

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