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Go for GOLD!!!! One of the coolest ones we are offering in our steer sale. Tag 177 is an October Solid Gold x Alias. For those wondering,Yes he is solid white and has a pink nose. If this one were 45 days older, I would be tempted to say he brings north of the 10k mark for anyone in the great state of Texas. The epitome of a slick shearing one. He may need to wait until San Antonio or Houston to get it done but this one can be a breed contender for anyone. Tag 177 stems from a long list of popular brothers that have all sold very well. He may be her youngest one yet but do not doubt the PUNCH this one packs. Freaky built,dead level, and the foot and bone of an elephant. I cant wait to stand behind this one at a Texas major next year!!! See you at the backdrop!!!!!

Tag # 86, October Cornhusker x full sister to War Eagle. This is one of those really cool and chubby younger ones that is going to make someone very happy come Junior Nationals time this summer. Really explosive in her rib shape and hip but as rocket fronted as a show heifer needs to be. We feel this one can handle anything that you can throw at her in that late fall division. Great potential to be a top end donor in the making. This one papers as a high chi. Her maternal brother was one of the top sellers last year in the Rags to Riches sale. Trust in the program!

When all the smoke clears and the hair and flair is gone, Tag #99 will still be the beast on the top. He is a Milkman x Simi donor that we bought out of the Foundation Female Sale a couple years back. This one is a little older, hes an August 23rd. This one will win a lot of slick shows. Tremendous look and power that wont stop in this one. He is real square hipped and carries extremely low into his stifle. Rocket fronted and perfect rib shape to peel. This one was really hairy back three weeks ago and just started shucking the good stuff. This one hides no flaws and is as true as he can be seen here. Don’t back up on this one, I feel confident that in the end this one will pack some heat. Tag 99 has small white anklets on both of his back legs….. Simi or cross anyone?


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