Summer Outside of the Barn: The Internship

Author: Kristy

From the title, some may be a bit confused, summer not in the barn? Is that real life? The answer is yes, actually the majority of people do not spend their summers in the show barns but rather participating in a professional development opportunity called Internships

Participating in internships shows companies you are concerned with your future. When going to apply for a full-time job post graduation from college, having an internship listed on your resume will make you more valuable. The value comes from being able to successfully be a part of a new team for a short amount of time and contribute in a positive way.

Experience in at least one internship opportunity during college will make you more well-rounded, whether you think so or not. By taking the initiative to put yourself in a new position, you learn so much about the company and its customers but also learn a lot about yourself.

Another added bonus most interns enjoy is being paid for their contributions. The companies are not required to pay you but typically value your input so much they provide great benefits like this. With the Agriculture industry providing the most jobs of any other industry in the world, there are practically an unlimited amount of opportunities to find some sort of internship, paid or unpaid.


One “hidden” feature of an internship is it to help you figure out what you really want to do as a career!

A great question to ask yourself AFTER completing the internship is “Did I love what I did and the company/industry I worked with or should I leave it and try a new path?”. The word “after” is stressed because no one should decide what you like and do not like beside yourself. One of your friends may have had an internship you are looking at and did not like it at all. Although you guys may be similar, you could love every minute of it. That is why it is so imperative to test the waters for you.

Many of us, work hours upon hours in the barn every summer leading up to college before having internships. The livestock is something we are so familiar with; it comes as natural as breathing. Are you not familiar with crops or farming equipment? While it may sound intimidating, step outside of your comfort zone. You never know until you give it a try! No one ever missed a shot they did not take. And, when it is all said and done, you may come back with a greater appreciation of the hard work and dedication it takes in the livestock industry to be a successful business.


Who knew a 7-letter word could be so important? Whatever internship you would decide to participate it, make sure to network. Those connections could eventually lead to your dream career even if they seem to not be connected in any way. Growing up in the livestock industry, we learn at a young age how tightly the industry is. This quality trait we learn so young, of being able to connect and network efficiently without thinking about it, will let you soar to new heights. Understanding this will not only allow you to make more networks in the livestock but in the entire Ag industry. Some how someone is connected to everyone in 6 or less people.

While it can be a little frightening to think about growing up, there are plenty of connections to find a internship and the benefits are second to none. Happy Internship Searching!

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