Sunday, October 16, 2016 – The Purple Passion Sale – OH

Author: Kristy


Lot #4: Barney

Sire: Ready to Roll
Dam: Easy Out
DOB: 3/11/2016
Sex: Steer
Breed: Maine
Best of the Buckeye : Yes
Comments: You need to see this steer in person! Watch his video. I don’t think our photo does him justice. This cat is big boned, big backed, deep in his stifle, cool necked, awesome hair, and as sound as a cat. I challenge you to find one as correct on his feet and legs. His attitude is amazing. Bomb proof are the words that come to mind. A true show steer for any age! Have fun, and please send us the backdrop pictures.

Special Terms: Cattle should be picked up by October 23rd.  Starting on the 24th, an $8.00 per head per day feed charge will begin.  If you cannot get them picked up by the 23rd, please let me know so we can make proper arrangements for your purchases.  Thank You.

Delivery Methods: Shipping is the buyers responsibility.  I will do what I can to help assist you with that facite of the process.

Lot #18: Tessa

Sire: I-80
Dam: Lady (Who Da Man x 138M)
DOB: 2/1/2016
Sex: Open Heifer
Breed: 1/2 Maine 6.68% Chi
Comments: Here is another really good show cow prospect. Great style, neck extension, belly swoop in an elegant package. This I-80 x Lady mating has been very very good. They are just good cattle! We have sold 4 full sisters or 3/4 sisters to this mating for an average of $8300.00. Right back to another 138M granddaughter here folks. Dual registered as a maintainer and high chi. Double the fun!

 Lot #19: Jane

Sire: I-80
Dam: Lady (Who Da Man x 138M)
DOB: 1/20/2016
Sex: Open Heifer
Breed: 1/2 Maine 6.68% Chi
Comments: Jane comes at us with more extension, body length and overall mass than her sister. She covers her tracks really well and moves out elegantly. Great cow family with loads of potential. The Marklands brought us another really good consignment here. Dual registered maintainer and high chi.
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