Sunday, September 11, 2016 – Knudson Cattle Co. Online Steer & Heifer Sale – IA

Author: Kristy


Sire: All in One
Dam: Chisom x SOS
DOB: 3/5/2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Market Heifer
Comments: I couldn’t think of a better way to start the 2016 sale off! I always save lot 1 for that special calf, and not only is she special to me, but more importantly she is my son Luke’s heifer and is out of his cow. Luke is 8 years old and has this heifer so broke I think a three year old could lead her. This black and white beast rises to the top of the class. She has bone, belly and style to burn. She combines all the feminine features that every big-time market heifer needs and has plenty of power to become your next front pasture donor. Show her and collect the purple all year, and then put her to work to collect the GREEN $$$. Study this one close, as opportunities to own one this great don’t come along that often.
Sire: I80
Dam: 11-6 (Smilin Bob)
DOB: 3/1/2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Maintainer/Chi
Comments: I have been trying for a lot of years to raise a breeding heifer like this one. This gorgeous heifer is a dual registered maintainer and chi. As you go through the sale you will see multiple sibs to her and her sib two years ago was successfully shown by the Guyer family. I purchased this one’s mother in the 2012 First Class Female Sale for just this reason. This heifer combines all of the killer show heifer features into an absolute perfect package. From her neck that extends to the sky, to the big legged, and her monster coon-footed design, extra soft middle, this calf will give her new owners some serious purple ribbons to hang up. She is built and made just the way that they are picking the winning heifers today. Watch the video for yourself and you will agree with me. If you are serious about competing at the highest level possible next season then keep clicking bid!!
Sire: I80
Dam: 11-6 (Smilin Bob)
DOB: 3/2/2016
Sex: Steer
Breed: Maine/Chi
Comments: I feel so blessed to have this calf on the sale this year. When he was born, you could tell from day one that he was going to be extra special. From his razor neck, to being as big backed as any on the sale, to his huge wide hip, I feel this rascal is going to run with the best of them. Look at how perfect his back leg is and comes down into a super soft pastern. Show him as a maintainer, show him as a Chi, heck even show him as a crossbred, and I will bet you money that you will be standing at the top of your class whatever direction you choose to go. Did I mention that he is extremely gentle and will make any age show person a heck of a project? Breed steers like this don’t come along very often, so take advantage when you can!!
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Char/Full Form
DOB: 3/30/2016
Sex: Steer
Comments: I love these smoky colored steers, and this is the best one that we have ever offered up for sale. From this flat shoulder design and long extended neck, to the big bone and belly dragging features, you will be sure to be at the top of your class. This calf was extremely good haired as a baby, and has been a little slow to come back around, but make no mistake he will have it when it counts. I feel these cattle this year are so sound from top to bottom that it’s almost unbelievable. Really watch this calf’s video and look at how well he hits his mark every time and glides around so gracefully. This one is going to be extremely tough to beat, so either buy him, or get beat buy him.
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