Sunday, September 18, 2016 – Dick’s Family Show Cattle Anual Club Calf Sale – MN

Author: Kristy


Sire: Huff and Puff
Dam: HooDoo
DOB: 2/27/2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Crossbred
Comments: Everyone saves Lot 1 for something special, and man do we have a great one for you! You could travel 1,000 miles and not find a prospect market heifer as good as this sterling silver gem. She is as stout as you can get one, but what really makes her unique is how attractive she is from side and how correct she is at every step in her structure. if you need a big time market heifer for 2017 you have found her.

Special Terms: Arrangements must be made with seller to hold cattle longer then 1 week. Buyer will be charged a Yardage fee after 7 days. All calves are sold as is with no guarantees of soundness, fertility or disposition. Registration papers will be provided on calves eligible that bring $3000 or more at seller’s expense.

Delivery Methods: We will help you with arranging transportation if needed.

Sire: Unstoppable
Dam: Who Made Who
DOB: 3/16/2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Crossbred
Comments: Since the day this girl hit the ground i have been trying to contain my excitement and expectations for her. I think there are very big things in this girl’s future as a bred heifer next summer. She is so unique in her design, elevated up front, big middle, super long spine, all while being big in her structure and sound as a cat. Heres hoping she finds a good family that wants to take her on the road!
Sire: Huff and Puff
Dam: Carpe Diem
DOB: 3/26/2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Crossbred
Comments: Come get you some color! Another heifer that i think is more geared to being a market heifer, this moderate colored up girl is very square in her design. I really like her from the profile she just seems to stand out when she stops and pops!
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