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I’ve been watching all the exciting posts about the Super Bowl…well, actually about the advertisements during the Super Bowl!  I actually will be rooting for a certain team this year, but I can’t lie…my favorite part is the ads…closely followed by the food. Yes, we do go to a party of friends and everyone brings food.

But this year, I will be watching the ads especially closely–as we will be in one of them! Okay, not a national Super Bowl ad, but in 20 cities across the nation (including Denver, *ahem*) an ad featuring a farm family and a city family in a split screen will show during a local commercial break! We are the farm family! Check it out now…

This ad is all about families and the similarities between farm families and city families. You will see a mom doing “mom-things” like potty training her little one and teaching a kid to ride a bike. And the farm mom will be caring for a baby calf and handing the keys to the combine to her nearly grown son.  The tears you see me begin to cry at the end are very real! In fact, I’m tearing up a bit while writing this!  I’m a “Crier” and any of my kids will tell you that I cry at the most insignificant emotional event. So when they told me to just do what comes naturally, I tried to hold back the tears, but I just couldn’t!!



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