Texas 4-H/FFA Announces Statewide Heifer Validation Program for 4-H & FFA

Author: Kristy

Texas 4-H & FFA have announced a new validation program for 4-H youth interested in exhibiting heifers at major livestock shows.  Here are a few important points to keep in mind that describe the purpose of this program, but contact your county Extension agent for all the details.

  • Ensure ownership by exhibitor by the appropriate date with appropriate documentation
  • Eliminate backdating of junior heifer ownership
  • Improve the efficiency of check-in process at major shows

Here are some general timelines…contact your county Extension agent for specific dates for validation programs locally.

2015 Spring Major Shows

  • Oct 2014 – Validation Process
  • Nov 1, 2014 – Ownership Deadline

2015 Fall Major Shows

  • Jun  2015 – Validation Process
  • Jul 1, 2015 – Ownership Deadline

Be sure to contact your county Extension office for specific dates and details for your county.

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