Texas Cattle & Ag Facts

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Texas has the most farms, cattle & beef cows in the United States.

Texas has the most farms, land in farms, cattle & beef cows in the United States.

Texas has over 130 million acres of land in farms.   Texas has more acres of farmland than 48 states have acres including California.

Texas has more than 248,000 farms.  Texas has more farms than Madison, Wisconsin has people.

Texas is the largest producer of hay and cotton and 2nd largest producer of grain sorghum and wool in the United States.

Twelve percent (12%) of the cattle in the United States are in Texas.  Texas has more cattle than 43 states have people.

Texas has the 14th largest cattle inventory in the world.

Texas has the largest goat inventory and is the largest producer of mohair in the United States.  Thirty eight percent (38%) of the goats in the United States call Texas home.

Texas accounts for 15.5% of the cash receipts for cattle in the United States.  Texas and Nebraska are the only 2 states with $10 billion in cash receipts for cattle.

Texas has had 11 million head of cattle or more every year since 1967 until 2014.  The largest cattle inventory ever recorded in Texas was in 1975 at 16.6 million head.

Texas is the 4th largest food producer (by value) in the United States.

Eighty six percent (86%) of the land in Texas is in some form of agricultural production.

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