The Friday Five: Olympic Edition

Author: Kristy

Chipotle? FFA? PED? What? Five links that will catch you up on what’s been happening this week in food and agriculture.

The Olympics are trucking onward, the snow is melting, the creeks are flooding, the calves are coming, and it’s National FFA week. And so here we are, back again this week, with five links. If you’ve got the time to spare, these are worth the read.

A Farmer’s Challenge to Chipotle: Agriculturalist Ryan Goodman penned this opinion piece for CNN’s Eatocracy blog. It’s a well-thought out response to the Chipotle video series that’s critical of modern food production. Side note: the fact that a farmer is being given a voice in this sort of nationwide, mainstream medium is very exciting.

Give Katie Pinke’s story on FFA’s relevance a read. I’m betting you know some good kids in blue jackets, too.
Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Affects All Hog Farms: Indiana pork producer and IPF contributing editor Jennifer Campbell offered up a personal look at PED. Short answer: whether it infects their herd or not, it’s already changed the way they manage.5 Ways Pregnancy Has Changed My Ability to Cowgirl Up: Courtesy of my BEEF magazine colleague, Amanda Radke, this piece made me smile when I saw it come across Facebook the other day. I wrote a very similar piece when I was pregnant with my first; oh, the things that surprise even a farm girl! Since I was more of a fall calver, my list included being banned from summer four-wheeler rides to check cows, something that didn’t sit well with me in my early pregnancy weeks. And the comparisons between bovines and humans are not misplaced. A cattle friend recently told me that her doctor said if she couldn’t have a doctor deliver her baby, a farmer who’d pulled calves was a good substitute. Just like that, I’m grateful we never had to test out that little theory.READ MORE
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