The Three Biggest Show Cattle Events of 2013

Author: Lautner Farms

I commonly forget to do it but I like to look at each year and see what the big changes were.  In show cattle online, frankly, not much has changed.  There have been a few changes, sure…
The anonymous Twitter accounts have matured to the point that some of them are sustainable.
If you don’t already own the cows, getting into raising show cattle is probably less feasible now than at any point in history.
Maxanet online sales are now the norm.
By and large though, it was a rather uneventful year as far as big changes to the way things are done online related to show cattle.  But the three big events of 2013, from my perspective, were…
#3 – Not Just Normal Complaining About Judges
Yes, Fort Worth again.  I wasn’t the source of it, my article just put it into words that that weren’t on Facebook and didn’t include “I’m never even setting foot in the city of Ft Worth again”.
I said it last spring that the long term impact of that show is a shock to the system that has resulted in judges going out of their way to make sure they are seen as deliberate, patient, and thorough in their evaluation of cattle.
And that’s a very good thing for everyone involved.
That doesn’t even begin to touch the fact that an article in the New Mexico Stockman became the most read article related to show cattle in just under twenty years.
#2 – Fluffy Cows
I’m not sure how many people realize just how large a group of the general public paid attention to show cattle, or even ‘real’ cattle for the first time, even if for just a few moments.
…and that’s not a bad thing.
I said it before and I’ll say it again, they don’t care where their beef comes from as long as you raise it humanely.  They’re never going to sit and listen to you agvocate about the cuts of beef, the challenges facing the beef industry, or how hard you work with your cattle.
They just don’t care.
It’s not because it’s ag, it’s because nobody cares about anything that doesn’t directly impact them every day and your cattle don’t impact them any more than the french fries and ketchup they eat alongside them.
But for a moment this summer, a moment just as brief as they care about everything else, they were paying attention.
#1 Temple Makes Soundness Less Important
This is a bit of bias on my part.  Being from Texas, prefering soundness and look cattle, …………………………and having a press release put out that indirectly accused me of hacking into some scumbag PR hack’s computer because she didn’t know how Facebook works…sort of makes the impact here a bit larger.
To be clear, Tyson wanted an excuse to get rid of zipaterol because the Europeans and Asians have a phobia of anything related to agricultural science and won’t accept it in imports.  When Temple Grandin gave her little speech about a load of cattle she saw that were lame, that just gave them the excuse to move forward with something they wanted to do any way.  Secondly, show cattle are less than a drop in the bucket in comparison to how widely the stuff is used in legitimate feedlots.
You haired guys may wonder why Texans have freaked out so much over losing it (technically, we haven’t lost it) but removing zilpaterol from the feeding tool box of honest feeders is a gigantic middle finger to anybody showing slick calves on the up and up.
Genetically sound cattle aren’t quite as important as they were before and the temptation for the dirt bags to pull out their air compressors is now higher.
Add in the fact that only the jocks know where to get it now and the cost has gone through the roof.
Congratulations Temple, you made the world a better place.
Just keep your hands off of our ractopamine.

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