There’s a Cow in My Marshmallow?!

Author: Kristy

Myth: Cattle are only used for meat and the rest of the body is wasted after slaughter.The Facts: Cattle provide us with more than just meat, they also provide many other by-products you use every day. A by-product is a secondary item that is produced in addition to the principal product.

Did you know that there are hundreds of uses for cattle by-products? It’s true – cattle provide us with some of the most essential items in our day-to-day lives. By-products are used in all types of mechanical and chemical items to aid in our daily activities. Do you own a car, take a bus or ride a bike? If so, you’re utilizing by-products in the tires on your vehicle and the asphalt on the road. Even items that may seem trivial, such as dyes, inks, adhesives and plastics are derived from cattle by-products.

Here are a few more fascinating ways in which cattle by-products touch our lives:

  • Cattle organs and glands are used in the production of medicine, insulation, antifreeze, shampoos/conditioners and instrument strings.
  • Photo film, vitamin capsules, charcoal and glass are all derived from bones and horns of cattle.
  • Inedible beef fat provides us with airplane lubricants, hydraulic brake fluid, biodiesel and medicines.
  • Many foods, other than beef, use the products of slaughter – marshmallows, ice cream, chewing gum and some candies are made from by-products of cattle.
  • Hides from cattle are tanned into leather becoming shoes, purses and wallets.

The facts are we depend on cattle for nutritious beef and their supply of resources to be part of our day-to-day lives. For more examples of cattle by-products view [PDF].

After learning about the innumerable ways in which cattle help us live our lives, you’ll likely never look at a cow the same way again.


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