going on today – Fitzner Farms Steer & Heifer Sale – MI

Author: Kristy


Lot #1:
Sire: Unstoppable
Dam: Char X Angus
DOB: 4/1/2016
Sex: Steer
Comments: It is pretty easy to start the sale out with this red steer by Unstoppable out of a char X Angus cow. He is easy to look at!! Thick, sound and cocky best describes this guy. He should be competitive on many levels!
Lot #3:
Sire: I-80
Dam: Monopoly X Meyer 734
DOB: 3/29/2016
Sex: Steer
Comments: Here is the I-80 steer that really packs it all in. He has a huge butt, big topped and lots of bone and still as balanced as you can make one. Oh, by the way – his mother is the Monopoly X Meyer 734 that everyone talks about at Ian Stewart’s place. This cow family has made him some dough. He is registerable as a Maintainer – we will help but is buyers responsibility.

Special Terms: Can be registered as a Mainetainer – buyer responsible

Lot #7:
Sire: Unstoppable
Dam: Purebred Charolais
DOB: 4/15/2016
Sex: Heifer
Comments: I am not selling heifers in this sale unless they are considered maternal. You be the judge!! This is an unstoppable out of a purebred Charolais cow from Tom Elliott. From end to end you cannot find a whole in this heifer. Super structured, super quiet and thick ended. Very cool market heifer!!! Can be registered as a composite Charolais

Special Terms: Can be registered as Composite Charolais – buyer responsible

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