Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges in the Midwest-Iowa State University MAKES IT AT #5

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Leaving home and going to college for the first time can be a very exciting and scary experience, especially if your college shares its campus with the otherworldly and unseen. Almost every college and university has at least one legend or ghost story, but which can lay claim to the title of most haunted? After much debate, Mysterious Heartland brings you the Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges and Universities in the Midwest! Note: Many of these schools have open campuses, but please be mindful of visiting hours.

10. Northwest Missouri State University

Maryville, Missouri

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsNorthwest Missouri State University was founded in 1905 as a teachers college, and was originally known as Fifth District Normal School. Its Administration Building has suffered several accidents. It was struck by a tornado in 1919 and a fire destroyed most of its west wing, central wing, and auditorium in 1979. It was a different accident, however, that gave rise to Northwest Missouri State’s most enduring legend. On April 28, 1951, a gas tank exploded outside Roberta Hall (then unimaginatively known as Residence Hall). The fireball blew out many windows and injured several students. Roberta Steel received third degree burns over most of her body, and lingered for several months before she died. According to A.S. Mott, in his book Haunted Schools: Ghost Stories & Strange Tales, students began to hear sad piano music coming from an empty room in the basement. Roberta has also physically manifested, appearing as a shadow or a figure in a window. In one incident, she disturbed two coeds as they slept. Roberta Hall is named in her honor.


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