Top 5 Qualities Consumers Want In Beef

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Kansas State University research finds that the “social values”  of food choices are less important to shoppers of livestock food products than a safe and quality eating experience

Consumer preferences should concern everyone involved in the food business, and that includes beef producers, processors and marketers. But how does one separate the wheat from the chaff regarding consumer preferences in a marketplace that is so noisy?

For instance, when chains like Chipotle and Chick-fil-A proclaim they’re moving toward antibiotic-free menus, how significant is that? And how integral are the “social values” – non-GMO, non-hormone, environmentally friendly, origin, traceability, etc. – in consumers’ food purchasing behavior?

Kansas State University (KSU) recently released the results of a study that focused on this latter question in regard to consumer decisions in purchases of ground beef, beef steak, chicken breast and milk. The KSU researchers wanted to find out how consumers rank the relative importance of various characteristics offered when it comes to purchasing animal products. The results pointed to the basic quality attributes of freshness, safety and taste, with the so-called social values lagging far behind.


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