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Ahh, who doesn’t love the 80s and 90s? M.C. Hammer, Debbie Gibson, and Kirk Steirwalt in white tennis shoes while fitting the champion steer at Denver. Yes, I’m a true child of the 80s and 90s and my stock show pictures prove it. Here are 9 totally awesome stock show fashion trends of the 80s and 90s.

1. Colored Tennis Shoes

Speaking of those white tennis shoes. Actually this was quite the trend back in the day. Bobby Maddox, Kirk Stierwalt, Russ Harkema – all the major fitters can be spotted in show steer pictures of this era sporting tight Wranglers jeans, tight t-shirts, and colored tennis shoes.










Here I am pictured winning Champion Brahman Heifer at San Antonio and for some awful reason my dad allowed me to show in RED REEBOK HIGH TOPS!!! Thank goodness my friend who was also in the picture was sporting her high tops too.

Colored Reebok’s eventually segued to the now extinct Ellesse shoes that were like a combination of tennis shoes and hiking boots, which probably eventually led to Doc Martins, and thankfully now we are back to boots!







 2. 5 Pocket Boys Wranglers on Girls

Now let’s keep in mind, I began showing in 1987, and Rocky Mountain Jeans didn’t hit the market until 1990. So for young girls showing livestock, Boys Wranglers were about the only option. I distinctly remember going to our local western wear store and buying the Cowboy Cut jeans. I also remember them to be fairly uncomfortable. But, I had several pair and proudly wore them to all shows.









Now along those lines, I spotted quite a livestock show trendsetter sporting 5 pocket wranglers not to long ago at Denver…







Yes, that is the lovely Christy Collins winning Champion Red Angus at Denver 2012 in some 5 pocket Wranglers. And to that I say – “YOU GO CHRISTY!” If I can get myself back down to a nice weight before Denver, I just might try this myself. Classy western wear never goes out of style!

Which brings me to Totally Awesome Stock Show Fashion of the 80s and 90s item #3….

3. Colored Rocky Mountain Jeans

As previously stated, the now out-of-business Rocky Mountain Jeans brand hit the shelves in 1990. Again, I remember this fashion moment well. My aunt Jan Powell was a really high tone nationally famous barrel racer at the time. She returned from one of her national barrel racing trips with a pair of size 0 Rocky Mountain Jeans for me to try to wear. (I was 11 at the time…haven’t been a size 0 or anywhere close to it for quite a while!) She just had the new cool thing and was giving me a pair to show in.

That original pair were just regular blue jeans, but as the jeans got more and more popular, I proceeded to have nearly every color made. As evidenced by my show photos….

Here they are in green…


In purple…..


In Blue….


In Red…..


And my personal favorite…..



That picture was me and one of my best show friends Brandy Barnes, and we both happened to win champion heifer that day (she had red Brahman, I had grey Brahman) while sporting our nearly identical hot pink Rockies.

As time went on, if you were REALLY cool, you also had Lawman jeans. Which were like a lot sexier than Rockies.


But no 80s and 90s stock show outfit was completed without my next item…

4. The Bright Colored Polo Shirt


Again, these were boys shirts. I had several that luckily I got to wear for many years, as also shown in my matching colored jeans pictures from above. While this fashion item prevailed in the 80s and 90s, current trendsetters like Jake Bloomberg still bust out their bright colored shirts – this is one item that never goes out of style.


5. Acid Washed Jeans

Thanks to shows like Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills 90201, acid washed jeans were a huge hit on the fashion mainstream of the 80s and 90s, so it’s no suprise that trend carried over to the stock show crowd. Here’s a backdrop photo of me showing in 1990, proudly sporting my acid washed jeans. And notice my sister beside me, also wearing acid washed jeans. And notice our longtime stock show BFF, Ryan Rash, pictured on the right, also sporting some awesome acid washed jeans. Please — let’s bring this one back!


6. Aztec Shirts / Flame Shirts / and Brush Poppers

What show kid of the 80s and 90s didn’t have a shirt from at least one of these categories?

Here is a picture from 1994 where both the queen and princess were sporting Aztec shirts, and my cousin had on a killer Aztech shirt too!


If you were a guy – the Brooks and Dunn flame shirts were wildly popular.


As were the Wrangler “Brush Popper” shirts, which I can’t quite remember but had some kind of special water-resistant material right?


Oh, and once again, here’s Jake still sporting the Aztec look….


7. Fringe

Fringe shirts, fringe on your jeans, and fringe jackets were also really popular. I remember having this fringe leather collar kinda thing that had velcro on it that you could stick on over your shirt. Mine also had conchos. I actually wore it at Houston. Ahh, fringe. So awesome.


My fringe leather collar thing looked like this. And boy was I cool.


8. Giant Belt Buckles

Another staple of the 80s and 90s fashion. Anyone who showed in Texas at the Belt Buckle Bonanza in the early 1990s probably has one of these gigantic silver plates. I know I do. And I proudly wore it for several years.


9. Satin Jackets

Again, these things were awesome. The satin jacket with the striped sleeves, collar and waistband. You just don’t get much cooler than that. Pictured with me in this photo is Johnny Joyce, who was a legendary cattle promoter and Brahman marketer of the time. That look just has “COOL” written all over it.


And my favorite picture which I saved for last…ME in 1983, sporting this look that both myself and Barbara Mandrell could pull off…..5 pocket wranglers, pearl snap shirt, bandana around my neck, leather belt with R-A-C-H-E-L on the back, and custom embroidered satin jacket with V8 Ranch proudly sewn across the back.  Geez, you just can’t get much better than that for 80s stock show fashion. I seriously need to re-create this look and picture.



Were you a showman of the 80s and 90s? What were your favorite fashion items?  

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