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Author: Kristy

Got this picture from Heidi Anderson at Legacy Livestock Imaging: there’s a story to this kid and I don’t know him but know his name is Dalton Shanks. His dad is Travis and his late grandfather was named Sid. Sid and I were in the same high school class at my hometown in Chariton, Iowa. Sid was in 4-H and we both showed calves. Sid never was never too serious about it until right before the county fair. Needless to say his calves were hardly show broke at times. He was a great guy and was everybodies friend. He showed calves more for the social aspect of it.. Which is ok!! Travis is everything his dad wasn’t. He loved it from the get go. He came to a couple of clinics and I taught him how to clip and get started. Travis lived it and breathed it day in and day out. He has went on and is still involved in selling show cattle and helps other clients as well as made a name for himself. Sid was so proud of what Travis had done and Sid kinda relived his second childhood through Travis’s show career. Which is awesome the way things turned out … Sid died in March of 2010 after battling cancer extensively. He fought that battle very hard. Dalton was very little when Sid passed away .
This was Dalton’s first time to be eligible to show at the 2015 National Western in Denver. He won his class and got to show on the green carpet in the grand drive. I was one of the three judges to evaluate the Market steer show. I know Travis and Sid’s wife Laurie were so proud of him. She came up to me afterwards at the picture backdrop. Sid if he was still alive would have been busting at the seams and grinning ear to ear.
In retrospect: this might just be a boy and his red steer but I look at him and have witnessed and seen 3 generations of showing. As I reflect I have never forgot where I have came from and never took anything for granted. I thank the good lord above everyday for what he has done for me and the talent he has given me. I just want to thank each and every one of you for letting me “GET” to do what I have a passion for. One experience or gesture can influence another persons life or actions. Thanks again and thankful to be able to do what I get to do!! I greatly appreciate everything you all do and have done for me. I love the special individual people that have been put into my life..TEAM is what it’s about!! FRIENDS forever, looking forward to what lies ahead…Humbled !-Kirk Stierwalt

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