Tribute to Greg Bernhard from Otto Show Cattle

Author: Lautner Farms

Tribute from the Family of Otto Show Cattle…
In Loving Memory of Greg Bernhard the man who raised Man Among Boys
As a family we felt that we knew Greg as well as anybody over the last 15 to 20 years working together in the club calf industry. Greg was a man that was the most honest, trustworthy, religious, hard working person I have ever been around. Greg was that person that called a spade a spade and 99.9 percent of the time was right. Greg spent many nights and weekends in Manning over the years, and Greg’s highlight was to have a good meal in the evening, and talk about old times, whether it was talking about the past calf shows, or just laughing about the things we did together in the past. Greg was like a brother to Brad and I, and like a son to my parents. Greg you will always be missed but never forgotten. I know when my time is up we will meet again. Rest in peace Greg!!! ~The Family of Otto Show Cattle

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