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Author: Kristy


Lot Type: Embryo
Donor Sire: Final Solution
Donor Dam: Double Vision
Sire of Embryos: Monopoly
Donor Name: S/T Twisted Sister 921 “Sis”
Breed: Shorthorn
Quantity: 3
ASA #: 4155986
COMMENTS: Sis donor strikes again! We purchased this double dirty purebred shorthorn donor a few years back because she was built like a MACK TRUCK!! Once Sis was added to the Gray Show Cattle donor list, she easily climbed her way to the top has she only exceeded our expectations on her calf crop, time and time again, providing us with high sellers in each and every for one of our annual sales. These embryos are not to disappoint, as we have sold many full sibs to this mating including the blue roan beauty that made quite a stir on our 2015 phone bid off sale that sold to Glover Cattle Company! Like they say “No Risk, No Reward,” and this mating hit like we thought it would. These calves are stout, hairy and impeccable in their structure. Do not miss your chance to hit the lotto with these genetics.

SPECIAL TERMS: guarentee (1) 60 day pregnancy if implanted by a certified embryologist.

Sire: I-80
Dam: Firewater (PB Char)
DOB: January 2016
Sex: Open Heifer
Breed: MT/ Char Composite
COMMENTS: If you heard through the grapevine that Gray Show Cattle had a stellar cow prospect, you heard right! This dirty smoke is the epitome of the perfect cow prospect you would want in your herd. She has mass and power and breed her right and you could get some cool colored offspring. Her mother is no different she is a powerhouse Firewater Char cow. This one will make you a happy breeder in the near future.
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