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Sire: I80
Dam: Unstopable/ Pride and Glory
DOB: April 2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: High Maine
Consignor: Kale Hensley (765) 624-9574
Comments: If you’re in search of one with the right kind of wow factor be sure to pay attention to this high maines video. Its hard to build one that incorporates the extra body and substance in such a feminine loose structured package. Not only will she be an elite show heifer the breeding options bust wide open when she gets turned out into the donor lot. Don’t stand behind this one this winter!!!!
Sire: I67
Dam: Alias
DOB: March 2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Mainetainer
Consignor: Kale Hensley (765) 624-9574
Comments: A standout not only in color for a maintainer but also in quality. This I-67 heifer represents a kind that’s hard to make. If you’re into freak necked, big squishy feet, sappy belly, and an awesome attitude this one’s video will be on replay. TH free by pedigree certainly opens the door for lots of breeding versatility when set in production.
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Hairy Bear/ Meyer
DOB: April 2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Low Percentage Chi
Consignor: Kale Hensley (765) 624-9574
Comments: This brockle heifer knows she’s an intriguing one. I am as equally as fond of her rope neck, bold body, and soft hair. Her mother is a proven producer that has raised some high quality stock that are stamped with that awesome set of feet, legs, and look. Lot 4 is a maternal sib to lot 1 of Denver Bound Daddy’s in 2014. This girl isn’t at the top by accident, it’s proven in her pedigree!
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