Drones Give an Elevated Perspective to Agriculture

Author: Kristy



Technological advancements have unleashed amazing inventions in recent years.  It’s doubtful any single device has made a bigger impact – or been more widely embraced — than smartphones.  And with minimal modification, the components housed within many handheld devices are capable of controlling autonomous aircraft.  While critics advise a more cautionary “take it slow” approach, proponents say the convergence of communication, aviation and other scientific know-how is accelerating at breakneck pace.

Chad Colby/Cross Implement, Inc.: “I make the comment all the time, this technology is advancing really by the week.”

With increased affordability and convenience, several industries, including law enforcement, disaster assessment and even commercial delivery, are anticipating game-changing advantages via aerial drone technology.  And while the term “drones” may conjure up controversial images of war machines performing strikes with surgical precision overseas, their domestic application also is subject to intense scrutiny.


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