Update on Health Requirements for Badger Kick-Off Classic

Author: Kristy


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! – OFFICIAL ID needed for ALL out of state animals

Out-of-state animals:

ALL animals need official identification

Official identification:
1. National Uniform Eartagging System (NUES) tags (brite tags/silver tags) (Example: 35ABC1234)
2. Brucellosis and Johne’s vaccination tags are acceptable as well but should only be applied when vaccinating against these respective diseases
3. Animal identification number (AIN): 15 digit number beginning with 840 (RFID or visual tags are both acceptable)

**Make sure all 15 digits are included on tag and any paperwork to be official.

Required contents on ICVI (health paper):
1. Species of animals
2. Number of animals
3. Purpose for which animals will be moved
4. Address at which animals were loaded for interstate movement
5. Address to which animals are destined
6. Name of consignor and address IF different from address at which animals were loaded
7. Name of consignee and address IF different than animal destination
8. Official identification number

Safe travels!
Please contact me with any questions.


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