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Author: Kristy


Sire: Monopoly 4
Dam: Irish Whiskey (824)
DOB: 3/1/2016
Sex: Steer
Consignor: Kane Warren (402) 651-8897 & Jeff Warren (402) 639-5256
Comments: There are others that we could have led our sale with, but this Tag 6 calf is a very deserving place to start. We bought his Irish Whiskey mother from Griswold’s in December 2014 and she was bred to Walks Alone. She threw a heck of a calf that next spring, but we knew she was destined to produce extremely well to Monopoly from the time she landed at our place. For what it’s worth, when we bought calves to show this is the kind we looked for. Deep, structurally sound, stout boned, soft footed, giraffe necked, good hipped and just flat out hairy. This is an outstanding calf. Better look at him twice before you move on to Lot 2!
Special Terms: None
Delivery Methods: Cattle need to be picked up at Warren Steers within 2 weeks of close of sale unless prior arrangements are made.

Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Heat Wave (806) (ET)
DOB: 2/28/2016
Sex: Heifer
Consignor: Kane Warren (402) 651-8897 & Jeff Warren (402) 639-5256
Comments: This is the first of three Reba ET calves on our sale this year. We purchased Reba from The Johnson’s at Triple J in 2008 and campaigned her successfully in 2009. As good as she was in the show ring, she’s proving to be even better in the donor pen. This past year Reba topped $50,000 in total sales from 9 offspring, with her most recent toppers selling for $9,500, $9,100 and $7,000. The two high sellers listed are both flush-mates to this Dakota Gold heifer with a steer sibling successfully campaigned by the Veiselmeyer family of Colorado. He ended his run making the sale at the NWSS in Denver this past January. We feel this heifer is the best of the Reba offspring yet. Check the added pics to see that lightning CAN strike more than once in the same place!!
Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Heat Wave (011Y)
DOB: 3/2/2016
Sex: Steer
Consignor: Kane Warren (402) 651-8897 & Jeff Warren (402) 639-5256
Comments: The 011Y cow hails from our good friend Ward Eckloff and is a full sib to a NWSS champion steer shown by the Vickland family. With this Dakota Gold offspring, she may have set a new standard for the genetics. Study the video on this monster. He’s packed with as much muscle as I have ever seen in a young calf and yet he gets out and floats around like your soundest barn cat. He’s skinny necked with hardly any chest floor to speak of and should be perfect sized for a number of show options as far as end points. We like the Dakota Gold mating’s on the few Heatwave cows we have left. They maintain the look of the Heatwaves of old. If you’re serious about showing steers here is a good place to look.
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