Wednesday, November 20, 2019 – Funding the Future for Colby & McKinley Frye – IA – ALL of the proceeds from this sale will be given to Rick Fryes Kids Colby and Mckinley Frye

Author: Chloe Goretska

100% of the money raised will go into a Roth IRA fund for Rick’s children, Colby and McKinley

Lizzie is just an ordinary beef animal, nothing flashy – similar to our good friend Rick Frye. Rick was a common man who accomplished uncommon things. His legacy in the show cattle business will live on for generations to come, and the world will forever be a better place for having him in it. We believe Lizzie, ordinary as she is, can also achieve extraordinary things. Our “uncommon goal” for this common calf is to raise a “ton” of money to be put away for Rick’s most important legacies: his children, Colby (5) and McKinley (3). 

SCO, along with Mike & Megan Loecke of Big Foot Ranch and Todd & Alisa Neil of Neil Cattle, have teamed up for a unique donation-based auction in the new SCO Click-to-Claim format. Each $100 Click-to-Claim “purchase” will earn bidders a chance to win Lizzie. You can purchase as many “chances” as you would like in $100 increments. Just a common heifer bringing together the livestock community with a common goal to achieve a very uncommon outcome.

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