Wednesday, October 26, 2016 – Unger Show Cattle Steer & Heifer Sale – IN

Author: Kristy


Lot #3: Tag 35 Purple

Sire: MAB
Dam: Full Flush
DOB: 3/1/2016
Sex: Steer
Breed: Chi
Comments: By far the biggest in terms of frame and size, but don’t let that fool you. This is a full sib to the baldy steer we sold to the Ferre family which we later on took to Naile. He is wide from the front to back, and is still able to move around gracefully.

Lot #4:

Sire: Unstoppable
Dam: Ali
DOB: 3/14/2016
Sex: Steer
Breed: Maine
Comments: This steer comes from a home away from home. Within three days of being worked, he is already broke. This unstoppable steer is the true definition of being stout. He is big bellied, wide from the shoulders back and is a big legged one who can still get around with ease.

Lot #10: Tag 1 Purple

Sire: I 80
Dam: LeRoy Brown
DOB: 4/2/2016
Sex: Heifer
Breed: Mainetainer
Comments: You got to love it when you clean up bull can give you heifers like these next three. This heifer is my kind. Powerful, soggy middled, hairy and good legged. When you get heifers that can handle this kind of power in an effortless motion on the move you have something to talk about. That’s what we got here a really really good one.
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