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Author: Kristy


Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Firewater (8547)
DOB: March 2016
Sex: Steer
Breed: Charolais Composite
Comments: Here’s a proven thing to start with in Lot 1. If you follow the show steer thing at all, you already know how many times this mating has gotten along at various state fairs. This year’s edition is no exception. Ample muscle, correctly structured, and a classical show steer look. We think this calf has as much potential as Mellow Yellow (Vada’s Grand steer at Colorado State Fair in 2014) did, with even a shot more forerib at this stage of the game.

Special Terms: All cattle are available to view at “Club Calf Paradise” 901 HWY 39 North, Denison, IA 51442.  Contact Colby or Sarah to show you around!

Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Monopoly
DOB: March 2016
Sex: Steer
Breed: Cross
Comments: This Dakota Gold is one cool customer. We have been so excited about this dude all summer. His mom was one of Vada’s show heifers that we call Aspen. She’s a Monopoly x PB Char. Aspen will be featured heavily throughout our offerings this year and she has matured into an impressive gold cow. Being just a little younger and greener than his contemporaries has never tarnished his shine in terms of shape and look. So square and correct, with a neck that goes for miles and a cool color pattern to set him off. To us, this one screams OK or TX show calf. Southern exhibitors, pay attention.
Sire: Heatwave
Dam: Bleeding Purple
DOB: March 2016
Sex: Steer
Breed: Chi Cross
Comments: Whoa. Can you say, “Mr. October”? Pairing original Heat Wave and the immortal Miss Purple 312T has produced the kind of calf that should turn the cranks of our nation’s most successful steer salesmen and families. When these long necked, long hipped, powerfully muscled cattle with just the right amount of rib come together, the results can be lethal at the highest levels. I remember religiously reading the Show Circuit year after year, seeing fat steer after fat steer patterned and built like this one getting along. Don’t be afraid to try him for a state fair, but I’m truly banking on this mating and this calf from Tulsa through Louisville. I think there’ll be lots of thinking to do when you’re driving home from Denison after seeing these cattle. You probably can’t buy them all but that actually wouldn’t be a bad strategy.
Sire: Battle Cry
Dam: Naughty Pine
DOB: March 2016
Sex: Steer
Breed: Hereford Appearing Chi Cross
Comments: A full brother to Tag 87 that we think will feed in a similar way. Of the two, he’s the more extended version that’s probably a shot longer necked and hipped. Pick your Hereford marked poison, then rinse, brush, and repeat!
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