Where Does Dust Come From?

Author: Kristy

A lot of it comes from people. Although we may not see it, our shoes bring in tiny dirt particles that become airborne as we travel from room to room. Our bodies also produce dust—almost a pound per person per year—in the form of dead skin (which in turn supports microscopic dust mites). And cigarette smoke and cooking odors are actually made up of tiny particles that eventually settle as dust.

What’s a housekeeper to do? Focus your attention on places that distribute the most dust, such as radiators, heat registers, and wood-burning stoves and vacuum them frequently. Set out a cocoa-fiber doormat to scrub dirt from the soles of shoes and boots. Take your shoes off at the door and ask guests to do the same. Keep slippers for your family under a bench where all can sit to take off outdoor shoes. And if you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, invest in one that comes with an air filter to trap dust particles, not just send them from room to room. –Jon Vara

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