Why Is FFA Relevant For Our Future?

Author: Kristy

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It is National FFA Week. If that means nothing to you, I understand. For a majority of my life, it meant nothing to me either. But why is FFA relevant to you, to me and to our future? I am going to share why I think it is relevant. You can decide for yourself.

Around a decade ago, FFA wasn’t on my radar. I did not know a lot about the blue jackets. My high school didn’t have the program. I only knew a few cowboys that wore Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots that once in a while had their blue jackets on. I thought it was something like 4-H that involved primarily showing livestock and projects for the state fair.

But then, I was working on agriculture clients at advertising agency in Fargo, North Dakota and was asked to be a judge at the State FFA Convention in North Dakota. That was my FFA awakening I suppose. Suddenly, I was exposed to the most well-spoken, prepared high school students I had ever met. I judged an agriculture communications contest. The top teams were made up of kids I wanted to hire as interns. They were stars.

By 2007, we had moved to rural North Dakota, desolate and far from the lights of Fargo or any major town.

Hunter with Mr. Brown at State FFA, June 2013

Before our small rental house was ready for us to move into, we stayed in my in-laws basement. I remember opening up the closet to hang some of my clothes. There were three blue jackets hanging in dry cleaning bags, all with my husband’s name on them. My husband, Nathan, started walking me through the impact of the blue jacket, his FFA jacket, and what the program had done for his confidence as a junior high student and then through high school. One of Nathan’s jackets said “National Band” on it. Who would have thought you could be in FFA and be in band? But I married a band boy and not only was he in the National FFA Band, band help pay his college tuition.

Our son, Hunter, was just going into fourth grade at the time but I knew then, FFA could play a role in his life now that we were in Nathan’s hometown, Wishek. Our prairie town of Wishek held a gem I wasn’t aware of until my husband had shared stories with me about his blue FFA jackets. Wishek had a history of outstanding FFA program. We later learned it was now being led by a new agriculture education teacher with a passion and dedication to build an even stronger program. READ MORE

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