Winter Wheat vs. Winter Weather

Author: Kristy

JANUARY 8, 2014

By: Ben Potter, Farm Journal Technology Editor

Does January’s cold snap spell murder for winter wheat?

The New Year started with a meteorological monstrosity called a “polar vortex” that blasted extreme cold temperatures to much of the country. For the upper Midwest and Great Plains, that meant temperatures plummeting well into the -30s, but even southern geographies were affected, with single-digit temps as far south as Memphis and wind chill warnings as far south as Baton Rouge, La.

For many row-crop farmers, the winter weather was a non-factor. After all, corn, soybeans and other crops are still months away from planting. But one crop in particular – winter wheat – is in the ground. Should farmers be worried? Not necessarily, says Jim Shroyer, Kansas State University crop production specialist. READ MORE

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