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Offering: Bred Heifer
Ear Tag: 22
Sire: Thriller
Dam: Meyer 734xAngus
D.O.B: 3/12/13
Service Sire: Frost Bite, pasture exp to Frost Bite (Alias x Northern Ice x Chi Ang) 7/1-8/1
AI Date: 5/9 – Approximate due date 2/15
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Comments: When we set out to put together our first bred sale we knew exactly what we wanted to bring to the table. This heifer is a prime example of what we strive for in a first calf heifer. These kind just don’t happen by accident. Big, stout, maternal, the kind that lay down, have a calf, all without touching them.We sorted off the top end of our replacement pen to offer our customers our BEST. This heifer is just that, period! There is milk, mothering, fertility,and problem free genetics in the lot 2 heifer. Sound as you can make one with muscle and style to carry on to the next generation. Frost Bite will work great on this kind of female. Smoke brockell is our guess. No matter what, we are confident that her first calf will not be a throw away! A real breeding piece to last for years of profitability.
Seller: Wolf Show Cattle
Contact: Wess Wolf
Phone: 517-401-0369
Location: Morenci, MI

Offering: Bred Heifer
Ear Tag: 23
Sire: Bodacious
Dam: Maxi x OCC Anchor
D.O.B: 3/13/13
Service Sire: I 80, pasture exp to Frost Bite (Alias x Northern Ice x Chi Ang) 7/1-8/1
AI Date: 5/11 – Approximate due date 2/15
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Comments: Backed by as powerful a pedigree as we can put together, the lot 3 heifer is a one of a kind female. Her mother is a real generator in producing a 2012, Double Vision heifer that was bought by Cory Thomsen at Bushy Park in SD and is at work for him as we speak. This one should put to rest all who question whether we sorted off the top end of our replacement pen. We said, bring the BEST or don’t bring them at all! What an individual in her own right, big centered, heavy muscled, cow power written all over her and YAK HAIRED are the words our visitors have used to describe this girl. If we weren’t going to a predominantly embryo transplant based program, this one would never make it to the sale pen. The truth is, when we study her, were not sure if we are nuts or just not smart enough to know when not to sell! None the less, her I 80 will without a doubt get her new owner a nice return on there first year investment. Might even pay off the total cost of owning her. This is exactly the kind we use him on every day here, and we have yet to send an I 80 female to the feedlot!

Offering: Bred Heifer
Ear Tag: 26
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Mo Whiskey(whiskey x simmi)
D.O.B: 4/13/13
Service Sire: Frost Bite (Alias x Northern Ice x Chi Ang)
AI Date: 5/21 – Approximate due date-2/25
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Comments: This big bodied red female is packed with power! These Monopoly heifers are making nice cows by transmitting some predictable traits onto there progeny. There are a ton of bulls out there that need those soft body type genetics. This girl will be sure to transmit a lot of good things in her future club calf production. From a power cow family that now works for Stan Soehlen in N E Ohio. She is sound as a cat, very feminine, with plenty of shape and muscle.The width this female carries from hooks to pins is unreal! Wild colors will no doubt be the case in her Frost Bite baby this spring.

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