High Sellers | Lautner Farms

High Sellers


FWSSR/Ben Bezner – MILKMAN Steer – $200,000
FWSSR/Austin Breeding – MONOPOLY Steer – $90,000
Tommy Glover – UNSTOPPABLE Steer – $84,000
Embryos on Snow – MERCEDES BENZ Bull (1/2 Interest) – $75,000
Bruns, Criner, and Jackson – MONOPOLY Steer – $64,000
Share the Brand – MOONLIGHT Bred Heifer – $32,000
Griswold Cattle Co. – Maternal sib to HILTON MAGIC – $29,000
Richard Johnson – SOLID GOLD Steer – $29,000
Sullivan Ranch – MAB Steer – $26,500
Cromwell Cattle – MAB Steer – $23,500
Bruns, Criner, and Jackson – DAKOTA GOLD Steer – $19,500
Welshan & Ruggles – CHOPPER Bred Cow – $19,500
Line Show Cattle – MONOPOLY Bull – $18,000
Share the Brand – Solid Gold Bred Heifer – $18,000
Share the Brand – MAB Bred Cow – $16,000
1Eleven Cattle Co – SOLID GOLD Steer – $16,000
Shirley Show Cattle – MAB Heifer – $16,000
Meier Show Cattle – HUFF N PUFF Steer – $15,500
Combined Forces – Pregnancy sired by MERCEDES BENZ – $15,000
Share the Brand-ALIAS Bred Cow- $14,500
Bruns, Criner, and Jackson – HEATWAVE Steer – $14,500
Wynne – HUFF N PUFF Steer – $14,500
O’Kelley Cattle – MONOPOLY Steer – $14,050
Combined Forces – HUFF N PUFF Bred Heifer – $14,000
Sawblade Ranch – MONOPOLY Steer – $14,000
The Summer Exchange – MAB Bred Heifer – $13,500
Ryan Macintosh Show Cattle – MONOPOLY Bull – $13,000
Richard Johnson – SOLID GOLD Steer – $12,500
Travis Otterstadt – HUFF N PUFF Steer – $12,500
Welshans & Ruggles – MAB Bred Heifer – $12,100
Sawblade Ranch – MAB Steer – $12,000
Skoglund Cattle Co – MONOPOLY Steer – $11,500
Wade Rodgers – MONOPOLY Steer – $11,000
Richland Farms – MONOPOLY Steer – $11,000
Custy Cattle Co – UNCLE SI Steer – $10,500
Collins Cattle Co – DAKOTA GOLD Steer – $10,500
The Summer Exchange – MILK MAN Bred Cow – $10,000
Wade Rodgers – MILKMAN Steer – $10,000
Hensley Brothers and Simmons Cattle Co – HEAT WAVE Heifer – $10,000
Collins Cattle Co – MAB Steer – $10,000
Lucherk Cattle – ALL IN ONE Steer – $10,000
Travis Otterstadt – HEATWAVE Heifer – $9,750
Sullivan Ranch – MONOPOLY Bred Heifer – $9,750
Griswold Cattle – MONOPOLY Heifer – $9,500
Richard Johnson – SOLID GOLD Steer – $9,250
Blach and Unger – MAB Bred Heifer – $9,000
Collins Cattle Co – MONOPOLY Steer – $9,000
1Eleven Cattle Co – SOLID GOLD Steer – $9,000
Skoglund Cattle Co – MONOPOLY Steer – $9,000
Blach Cattle Co – MAB Bred Heifer – $9,000
Kopp Land and Livestock – MONOPOLY Bull – $8,750
Tusa Show Cattle – MAB Bull – $8,750
Collins Cattle Co – MAB Steer – $8,750
Bruns, Criner, and Jackson – SOLID GOLD Steer – $8,500
Petzold Show Cattle – MONOPOLY Steer – $8,500
Black Hereford Ranch – UNCLE SI Steer – $8,250
The Summer Exchange – UNO MAS Bred Heifer – $8,250
Bruns, Criner, and Jackson – MAB Steer – $8,000
Friends from the North – MAB Steer – $8,000
Shike Cattle Co.-RED ROCKY Bull/Steer-$7,750
LeClair Cattle Co. – MONOPOLY Steer – $7,750.00
Bruns, Criner, and Jackson – MAB Steer – $7,750
Maples, Reeves, & Mills – MAB Steer – $7,500
1Eleven Cattle Co – MAB Steer – $7,250
Wynne – MAB Steer – $7,250
Bruns, Criner, and Jackson – GENERAL LEE Steer – $7250
Richard Johnson – SOLID GOLD Steer – $7,000
Scott Show Cattle – UNSTOPPABLE heifer – $7,000
Nix Farms – UNSTOPPABLE steer – $7,000
Sullivan Ranch – HEATWAVE Bred Heifer – $7,000
Wade Rodgers – MAB Bred Heifer – $7,000
Wynne – MAB Steer – $6,750
Wynne –  DAKOTA GOLD Steer – $6,750
Kopp Land and Livestock – HUFF N PUFF Heifer – $6,500
Wolff Farms – DAKOTA GOLD Heifer – $6,500
Wynne – MONOPOLY Steer – $6,500
Wade Rodgers – MAB Bred Heifer – $6,250
Cromwell Cattle – MONOPOLY Steer – $6250
Travis Otterstadt – SOLID GOLD Steer – $6,250
The Summer Exchange – MAB Bred Heifer – $6,250
1Eleven Cattle Co – MONOPOLY Steer – $6,000
Kevin Malone – MONOPOLY 4 Bull – $6,000
Skinner Cattle Co – MONOPOLY Steer – $6,000
Sullivan Ranch – MONOPOLY Bred Heifer – $6,000
Coblenz – Pregnancy sired by MONOPOLY – $6,000
Wynne – SOLID GOLD Steer – $6,000
Tusa Show Cattle – MILKMAN Bull – $5,750
Lucherk Cattle – SOLID GOLD Steer – $5,750
Cromwell Cattle – MONOPOLY  Heifer – $5,750
Webster Cattle Co. – HEATWAVE Steer – $5,750
Wade Rodgers – MONOPOLY Bred Heifer – $5,500
Custy Cattle Co – MAB Steer – $5,500
Cromwell Cattle – MONOPOLY Steer – $5,500
Richard Johnson – SOLID GOLD Steer – $5,250
Cromwell Cattle – HEATWAVE Steer – $5,250
Swan Cattle Co – MONOPOLY Steer – $5,250
Collins Cattle Co – MONOPOLY Steer – $5,250
Sullivan Ranch – MAB Bred Heifer – $5,250
Eaves Show Cattle – SOLID GOLD Steer – $5,250
Collins Cattle Co – MAB Steer – $5,250
O’Kelley Cattle – MONOPOLY Steer – $5,000
Bert Herndon – CODE RED Heifer – $5,000
The Summer Exchange – MAB Bred Heifer – $5,000
Richard Johnson – DAKOTA GOLD Steer – $5,000
Collins Cattle Co – MONOPOLY Steer – $5,000
Richard Johnson – FIREBALL Steer – $5,000
Schenk Livestock – MONOPOLY Steer – $5,000
Garth Simpson – HUFF N PUFF Heifer – $5,000



Rick Frye – Monopoly steer – $53,000
Joe Lucas Cattle-Monopoly Bull- $50,500
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$45,500
Share the Brand Sale-Milkman  sired, bred cow-$40,000
Clayton Cattle Company – Monopoly steer – $39,500
First Class -Monopoly Heifer-$39,000
First Class-Monopoly Heifer-$38,000
Volosin Club Calves – MAB steer – $34,000
First Class-Monopoly Bull-$30,000
Horn Livestock-Solid Gold Heifer-$29,500
Brian Martin-Milkman/Bull(1/2 INTEREST)-$27,000
Greiner and Mikkelson – MAB steer – $25,000
First Class-Pregnancy sired by Monopoly-$25,000
England Show Stock – Monopoly steer – $23,000
Boyert/Core – Monopoly steer – $23,500
First Class-Pregnancy sired by Monopoly-$22,500
Luke James-Monopoly/Steer-$21,000
Goretska Show Steers-Monopoly steer-$19,000
Holley Show Cattle – I80 heifer – $17,500
Noonan Show Cattle-Monopoly steer-$17,500
Kober and Jacobs Online Sale – $17,000
Share the Brand Sale-Heatwave sired, bred cow-$17,000
The Hunt at Shipwreck Cattle Co- Monopoly heifer- $17,000
Collin Eichler – MAB steer – $16,501
Goretska Show Steers-Heatwave steer-$16,500
Curtis Wolff – Huff N Puff bull – $16,500
Coley Riley-Monopoly/Steer-$16,500
Ryan Forman-Heat Wave/Steer-$16,500
Voegele Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $16,000
Potts Show Cattle- Dakota Gold steer- $16,000
Matthew Shirley-MAB/Steer-$16,000
John Gevelinger-Heat Wave/Steer-$16,000
Landgren Ranch – Monopoly steer – $15,500
Bremer Show Cattle – I80 Sired Bred Heifer – $15,500
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Huff N Puff/Steer-$15,500
Dykstra Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $15,050
Stohlmann Cattle – Huff N Puff steer – $15,000
Rue Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $14,500
TMAC Show Steers-Monopoly Heifer-$14,000
TMAC Show Steers – Monopoly heifer – $14,000
Holley Show Cattle – I80 heifer – $14,500
Heart Felt Farms – I80 heifer – $14,000
Cromwell Cattle Company-Solid Gold/Steer-$14,000
John Maples / Matthew Shirley-Monopoly/Heifer-$14,000
Joe Behrens-MAB/Steer-$14,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Dakota Gold/Steer-$14,000
Share the Brand-Uno Mas sired, bred cow-$13,900
Rodgers Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$13,610
Machado Livestock-Man Among Boys steer-$13,500
Collin Eichler – Heatwave steer – $13,500
Kober and Jacobs Online Sale – MAB steer – $13,500
Heldermon Boys Show Cattle-Front & Center/Steer-$13,500
Skinner Cattle Co-Trump/steer-$13,500
Bowman Cattle Co-Heatwave Steer-$13,000
Curtis Wolff – Huff N Puff steer – $13,000
Potts Show Cattle-Unstoppable Heifer- $13,000
Boys of Summer Eastern Iowa Club Calf Producers sale – Monopoly steer – $12,000
Derrow and Talley – Heatwave – $12,500
Carrousel Farms – Monopoly Steer – $12,500
Coley Riley-MAB/Steer-$12,500
Share the Brand-MAB bred heifer-$ 12,200
Edleman Ranch – Middle Man heifer – $12,000
Rick Frye – Monopoly steer – $12,000
Christo Cattle – Huff N Puff steer – $12,000
Share the Brand-Milkman bred heifer-$12,000
Justin Schenk-Dakota Gold/Steer-$12,000
Adam Potts-Monopoly/Steer-$12,000
Luke James-MAB/Steer-$11,505
Noonan Cattle Co-Monopoly Steer-$11,500
Dennert Club Calves – Heatwave steer – $11,500
Collin Eichler – MAB steer – $11,500
Ass in the Grass Steer Edition – Monopoly $11,500
​Aces Wild Ranch-Monopoly/Heifer-$11,500
Burke Show Cattle Champions in the Sand Online Sale – Monopoly 7 steer – $11,100
Badskey Show Cattle – Heatwave heifer – $11,000
Nelson England – Huff N Puff steer – $11,000
Big Foot Ranch – MAB steer – $11,000
Z Bar H Club Calf Sale – $11,000
Colby Collins-Heat Wave/Steer-$11,000
Faber/Kober/Rozeboom Online Pasture Sale – MAB heifer – $11,000
Rick Frye – Monopoly steer – $10,500
Heinrich Cattle – Monopoly steer -$10,500
Rick Frye – Bred heifer sired by Monopoly – $10,500
Colby Collins-Solid Gold/Steer-$10,500
American Classic Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Steer-$10,500
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Bull-$10,500
Fesmire Show Cattle-Man Among Boys and/or Clone Heifer-$10,000
Goretska Show Steers Sale – Larry Anderson MAB steer- $10,000
Roecker Show Cattle – MAB Sired Bred Heifer – $10,000
Jason Bihl – MAB heifer – $10,000
Rocking RS and Good Times Sale – MAB steer – $10,000
Went Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $10,000
Clayton Cattle Company – Monopoly steer – $10,000
Wiese Cattle Company – Monopoly heifer – $10,000
American Classic Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$10,000
Otterstad Cattle Co & Wynn Show Cattle Online Steer & Heifer Sale/Solid Gold Steer – $10,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Huff N Puff/Steer-$10,000
Olrichs – Monopoly steer – $9,800
TMAC Show Steers MAB heifer – $9,750
DA Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$9,750
Zwirn Show Cattle – Dakota Gold steer – $9,750
Justin Schenk-MAB/Steer-$9,500
Wilson Farms Online Sale – Monopoly heifer – $9,450
Jeff Miller – Monopoly steer – $9,250
Vogler Cattle (Aaron Broz) – $9,250
Wade Rodgers-bred heifer-MONOPOLY-$9250
Wade Rodgers-bred heifer-MAB-$7,500
Keeton Show Steers-Thriller/Steer-$9,001
Heldermon Boys Show Cattle-Front & Center/Steer-$9,000
Greiner and Mikkelson – MAB heifer – $8,750
Weaver/Powell – Monopoly steer – $8,750
Justin Schenk-MAB/Steer-$8,750
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Bull-$8,750
Boyert/Core – Monopoly Steer – $8,750
Rick Frye – Monopoly steer – $8,500
The Summer Exchange Bred Heifer Sale – Solid Gold Heifer-$8,500
Wayne & Jill Miller-MAB/Heifer-$8,500
Luke James-MAB/Steer-$8,500
Luke James-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,500
Bart Herndon-Monopoly/Steer-$8,500
Matthew Shirley-Nun Better/Steer-$8,500
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$8,500
Agle Family Cattle – Monopoly steer – $8,250
Holt Cattle Co – Highway 12 Sale – Monopoly steer – $8,250
Hellbusch Cattle – Monopoly heifer – $8,250
Jorgensen Farms Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $8,250
The Summer Exchange Bred Heifer-Man Among Boys-Heifer-$8,250
Justin Schenk-Dakota Gold/Steer-$8,250
Wacey McDuffee-Solid Gold/Steer-$8,250
Adam Potts-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,250
MPJ Cattle Online Sale – Unstoppable steer – $8,250
Cowan Cattle Company – Ali heifer – $8,000
Flat Wallet Cattle Sale – Monopoly heifer – $8,000
Vollborn Cattle Co – Heatwave heifer – $8,000
Voegele Show Cattle – Monopoly Money heifer – $8,000
Matthew Shirley-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
​Aces Wild Ranch-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
Luke James-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,000
Jim Cowan – MAB heifer – $7,750
Ass in the Grass Steer Edition – Monopoly Steer – $7,750
Luke James-Heat Wave/Steer-$7,750
Colby Collins-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
Joe Behrens-Battle Cry-$7,750
Hayden Farms – Unstoppable steer – $7,750
Hensley Brothers – I80 heifer – $7,600
Steve Shaffer – I80 heifer – $7,500
Roberts Cattle – Monopoly steer – $7,500
Clayton Cattle Company – MAB heifer – $7,500
Goertzen Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $7,500
Ass in the Grass Steer Edition – Monopoly steer – $7,500
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Barker and Rogers – MAB heifer – $7,500
Webster Cattle Company – MAB Sired Bred Heifer – $7,500
The Summer Exchange Bred Heifer Sale-Dakota Gold-Heifer $7,500
Kenny Patin-Solid Gold/Heifer-$7,500
Yorges Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $7,500
Dave Stoltz – MAB steer – $7,350
Curtis Wolff – Huff N Puff steer – $7,250
Dennert Club Calves – Loaded for Bear steer – $7,250
Hartgers – Monopoly steer – $7,250
Broders Club Calves Online Sale – Unstoppable steer – $7,250
Kober and Jacobs Online Sale – I80 heifer – $7,250
Faber/Kover/Rozeboom Online Pasture Sale – MAB steer – $7,250
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Bull-$7,250
Colby Collins-MAB/Steer-$7,250
Weiss Brothers Club Calf Sale – Monopoly steer – $7,250
Webster Cattle Company – Monopoly/Steer – $7250
Burch Livestock – Moonlight steer – $7,100
Jeff Miller – Monopoly heifer – $7,007
Ass in the Grass heifer edition – MAB heifer $7,001
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-I-80/Steer-$7,001
Scott Show Cattle-Unstoppable Heifer-$7,000
Fred & Mary Gruhn-Monopoly Heifer-$7,000
Dennert Club Calves – Monopoly steer – $7,000
Hartgers – Monopoly steer – $7,000
Greiner and Mikkelson – Smokin Hottie steer – $7,000
Grace/Kumbach Show Cattle Online Sale – Dakota Gold bull – $7,000
Easy to Look at Online Genetics Sale Vol. 1 – Monopoly 4 steer – $7,000
Schneider Farms – Monopoly steer – $7,000
Matthew Shirley-Solid Gold/Heifer-$7,000
Bremer Show Cattle – I80 Sired Bred Heifer – $7,000
Colby Collins-Monopoly/Steer-$7,000
Wacey McDuffee-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Cromwell Cattle Company-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Colby Collins-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Chad Chaplin-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Drager Cattle Co-Dakota Gold/Steer-$7,000
LeClair Cattle Co-Mercedes Benz/Heifer-$7000
England Show Stock – Monopoly steer – $6,750
Snake Run and Meadow Lake Angus – Monopoly steer – $6,750
Christo Cattle – Monopoly heifer – $6,750
England Show Stock – Monopoly steer – $6,750
Voegele Show Cattle – Monopoly heifer – $6,750
Dennis Pearson – Monopoly steer – $6,750
Heartfelt Farms – I80 heifer – $6,750
Gradert Show Cattle – MAB heifer – $6,750
American Classic Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,750
Curtis Wolff-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,750
Colby Collins-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,750
Ass in the Grass Heifer Edition – Monopoly heifer – $6,750
Horn – Man Among Boys bull – $6,500
Rick Frye – Monopoly steer – $6,500
Voegele Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $6,500
Minges Show Cattle – Mercedes Benz heifer – $6,500
Jim Cowan – Monopoly steer – $6,500
Wiese Cattle Company – Monopoly steer – $6,500
Schneider Farms – Dakota Gold heifer – $6,500
Boys of Summer Eastern Iowa Club Calf Producers – Monopoly steer- $6,500
Dean Cattle Co.-Solid Gold-Heifer-$6,500
Barker and Rogers- MAB steer – $6,500
Brian Martin-MAB/Steer-$6,500
Matthew Shirley-I-80/Steer-$6,500
Keegan Moonen-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Voegele Show Cattle – Huff N Puff steer – $6,350
The Summer Exchange Bred Heifer sale-Man Among Boys-Heifer-$6,264
Nelson England – I80 heifer – $6,250
Wedig Club Calves – Monopoly steer – $6,250
Faber/Kober/Rozeboom Online Pasture Sale – Monopoly steer- $6,250
Jeff & George Larrison – Monopoly steer – $6,250
Lay Farms Show Calves Online Sale – I80 heifer – $6,250
Heldermon Boys Show Cattle-Front & Center/Steer-$6,250
Skoglund Cattle Company-Heat Wave/Steer-$6,250
DA Cattle-Moonlight/Steer-$6,250
Cromwell Cattle Company-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,250
Coley Riley-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Parks Show Cattle – I80 heifer – $6,000
Head Brothers Club Calves – MAB steer – $6,000
Volosin Club Calves – MAB steer – $6,000
Jim Cowan – MAB heifer – $6,000
Johnson Show Cattle – I80 heifer – $6,000
Hayden Farms – Monopoly steer – $6,000
RB Angus and Show Cattle – MAB steer – $6,000
Greiner and Mikkelson – Smokin Hottie heifer – $6,000
DeNeui Club Calves – Monopoly heifer – $6,000
Christo Cattle – Monopoly heifer -$6,000
Landgren Ranch – Dakota Gold steer – $6,000
Netzke Show Cattle – Heatwave steer – $6,000
The Summer Exchange Bred Heifer Sale-Man Among Boys-Heifer-$6,000
Matthew Shirley-I-80/Heifer-$6,000
Christo Cattle – Monopoly heifer -$6,000
Edwards Family Genetics Partnership-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,000
Ryan Forman-Unstoppable/Steer-$6,000
DeNeui Club Calves – Monopoly steer – $6,000
Derek Dick-Moonlight/Steer-$6,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Smokin Hottie-$6,000
MPJ Cattle Online Sale – Middle Man Bull – $6,000
Boyert/Core – Monopoly steer – $6,000
Jeff & George Larrison – MAB steer – $6,000
Showman’s Choice Online Sale – MAB steer – $6,000
Snake Run and Meadow Lake Angus – Monopoly steer – $5,790
Fassett Hay and Cattle – Monopoly steer – $5,750
Fassett Hay and Cattle – Monopoly steer – $5,750
Agle Family Cattle – Monopoly steer – $5,750
Steve Shaffer – I80 heifer – $5,750
Kennedy Club Calves – MAB steer – $5,750
Stohlmann Cattle – Dakota Gold Steer – $5,750
WK Cattle Company – MAB Steer – $5,750
Kober and Jacobs Online Sale – Monopoly steer – $5,750
Wiese Cattle Company – Moonlight steer – $5,750
Backdrop Bound Sale (CAN) – I80 heifer – $5,750
Matthew Shirley-I-80/Heifer-$5,750
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-MAB/Steer-$5,750
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-MAB/Steer-$5,750
Bushy Park Farm-Mercedes Benz/Bull-$5,750
Cowan Cattle Company – Monopoly steer – $5,500
Jeff Miller – Monopoly heifer – $5,500
Burch Livestock – I80 bull – $5,500
Ass in the Grass Steer Edition – Monopoly steer – $5,500
Dykstra Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $5,500
Heldermon Boys Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,500
Heldermon Boys Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Carrousel Farms – Monopoly steer – $5,500
Christo Cattle – Monopoly steer – $5,500
RJ Cattle Co – Nun Better Heifer – $5,500
Edwards Family Genetics Partnership-Dakota Gold/Steer-$5,500
John Gevelinger-Monopoly steer-$5,500
Carrousel Farms – Monopoly steer – $5,500
Schaefer & Tice – Monopoly Sired Open Donor Female – $5,500
Chad Chaplin-MAB/Steer-$5,350
Caldwell Cattle Co (Kentucky) – I80 heifer – $5,300
Horn – Thriller bull – $5,250
Jason Bihl – I-80 heifer – $5,250
Horn – I80 bull – $5,250
Landgren Ranch – Huff N Puff steer – $5,250
Steve Shaffer – I80 heifer – $5,250
Nelson England – I80 heifer – $5,250
Colby Collins-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,250
Shatto Show Cattle – I80 steer – $5,250
Olrichs – Monopoly steer – $5,250
Coley Riley-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Colby Collins-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,250
Goeken Cattle – I80 heifer – $5,250
Voegele Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $5,250
Rodgers Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Easy to Look at Online Genetics Sale Vol 1 – Thriller steer – $5,250
Danner Cattle Online Club Calf Sale – Heatwave steer – $5,250
Weiss Brothers Club Calf Sale – Monopoly steer – $5,250
David Bridges-Dakota Gold/Steer-$5,084
Fred & Mary Gruhn-Man Among Boys Steer-$5,050
Kenny Patin-Moonlight/Steer-$5,050
Badskey Show Cattle – I80 heifer – $5,050
England Show Stock – Monopoly steer – $5,001
Goeken Cattle – I80 heifer – $5,001
Zwirn Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $5,001
Jason Bihl – Jesse James – $5,000
Cowan Cattle Company – Monopoly heifer – $5,000
Curtis Wolff- Huff N Puff – $5,000
Voegele Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $5,000
Nelson England – MAB steer – $5,000
Nelson England – MAB steer – $5,000
Nelson England – Monopoly steer – $5,000
Brady Gramm – Ready to Roll heifer – $5,000
Hensley Brothers – Solid Gold heifer – $5,000
Skoglund Cattle – I80 heifer – $5,000
Skoglund Cattle – MAB steer – $5,000
Big Foot Ranch- Jesse James steer – $5,000
Big Foot Ranch – Monopoly steer- $5,000
Carrousel Farms – Monopoly steer – $5,000
Z Bar H Club Calf Sale – Monopoly steer – $5,000
Hoosier Daddy Cattle Group Online Club Calf Sale – Steam Roller steer – $5,000
Burmeister Farms – Monopoly steer – $5,000
Reiboldt – MAB steer – $5,000
Faber/Kober/Rozeboom Online Pasture Sale – MAB steer – $5,000
Jeff Miller Show Cattle – Monopoly steer – $5,000
Faber/Kober/Rozeboom Online Pasture Sale – MAB steer – $5,000
Brent Gentry / Matthew Shirley-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Faber/Kober/Rozeboom Online Pasture Sale – MAB steer – $5,000
Matthew Shirley-Nun Better/Steer-$5,000
Edwards Family Genetics Partnership-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Colby Collins-MAB/Steer-$5,000
Colby Collins-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,000
Bremer Show Cattle – MAB Heifer – $5,000
Pettigrew Farms – I80 heifer – $5,000
John Gevelinger-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,000
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Adam Potts-MAB/Steer-$5,000
Bill Elliot-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,000
Jared Boyert-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000


2016 Embryos On Snow-Mercedes Benz/Bull(1/2 semen interest) -$300,000
Harkema, Kroupa, Caldwell, Jones, Wedig-Texas Tornado/Steer-$65,000
Cody Harms-I-80/Steer-$41,000
Poad Cattle Co.& Friends-MAB/Steer-$38,500
Ben Walbrecht-50G/Steer-$36,500
Rick Frye-Monopoly/Bull-$33,605
Shirley Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$31,000
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$28,550
Kris Black-Monopoly/Steer-$25,500
Womack Livestock-Monopoly/Steer-$25,003
Otterstad Cattle Co. & Wynn Show Cattle-Smokin Hottie/Steer-$24,500
Colburn Cattle Co.-I-80/Heifer-$24,500
Ryan McIntosh Show Cattle-Monopoly/Bull-$24,000
Taylor Lueking-Heat Wave/Steer-$22,000
Jason Shatto-Monopoly/Heifer-$21,000
Christo Cattle-MAB/Steer-$19,500
Ryan Forman Show Steers-Solid Gold/Steer-$19,500
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$18,500
Moonen Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$18,500
S&N Livestock-Monopoly/Bull-$18,500
Jason Schuler-Huff N Puff/Heifer-$18,000
Bushy Park Farm-Huff N Puff/Bull-$17,500
Voegele Show Cattle/RJ Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$17,500
Potts Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$16,500
Holmes Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$16,100
Otterstad Cattle Co. & Wynn Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$16,000
Doeppenschmidt Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$16,000
Carrousel Farms-MAB/Steer-$16,000
Sandy Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$15,500
MPJ Cattle Co-Unstoppable/Steer-$15,500
Keeton Show Steers-Dakota Gold/Steer-$15,500
Rieck & Lents Show Cattle -Monopoly/Heifer-$15,055
Garwood Cattle Co.I-80/Heifer-$15,000
Potts Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$15,000
Bruns,Criner,Jackson-Dakota Gold/Steer-$15,000
Kyle McCracken-MAB/Heifer-$15,000
Voegele Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$15,000
Poad Cattle Co.& Friends-Monopoly/Steer-$15,000
Blaine Rodgers-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$14,500
Ryan Goering-Monopoly/Steer-$14,500
Boyert Show Cattle and Core Farms-Heat Wave/Steer-$14,500
Chris Rosa-I-80/Heifer-$14,500
Leifeste & Barry-Monopoly/Steer-$14,500
Bushy Park Farm-Walk This Way/Steer-$14,000
Hoobler Farms/Gainer Farms-I-80/heifer-$14,000
Rory Went-Heat Wave/Steer-$14,000
R B Angus-MAB/Steer-$14,000
Copeland Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$14,000
Poad Cattle Co.& Friends-Monopoly/Steer-$14,000
Jerod Schmitt-Monopoly/Heifer-$14,000
Morrow Show Steers-Monopoly/Heifer-$13,500
Heart Felt Farms-I-80/Heifer-$13,500
Mitteness Family Angus-Monopoly/Steer-$13,500
Leifeste & Barry-Solid Gold/Steer-$13,500
Carrousel Farms-I-80/Steer-$13,500
Barry Tlach-Monopoly/steer-$13,000
Shirley Show Cattle-Crimson Tide/Heifer-$12,500
Cody Harms-I-80/Steer-$12,500
Warren Show Steers-Dakota Gold/Steer-$12,007
Goretska Show Steers-Solid Gold/Steer-$12,000
Schmitt Show Steers-MAB/Steer-$12,000
Shirley Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$12,000
Poad Cattle Co.& Friends-MAB/Steer-$12,000
Otterstad Cattle Co. & Wynn Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Heifer-$11,501
Burch Livestock-MAB/Steer-$11,500
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$11,500
Burch Livestock-Moonlight/Steer-$11,500
Kendall Bremer-Monopoly/Steer-$11,500
Rory Went-Monopoly/Steer-$11,000
Shirley Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$11,000
Bruns,Criner,Jackson-Heat Wave/Steer-$11,000
Collins Cattle Co,-Heat Wave/Steer-$10,502
Keeton Show Steers-Solid Gold/Steer-$10,502
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Heifer-$10,500
Skoglund Cattle Company-MAB/Steer-$10,500
Schmitt Show Steers-Monopoly/Steer-$10,000
Asche Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$10,000
G&J Cattle Co-Walk This Way/Steer-$10,000
Otterstad Cattle Co. & Wynn Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Bull-$10,000
Shirley Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$10,000
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$9,750
Stohlmann Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$9,750
Otterstad Cattle Co. & Wynn Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$9,750
Christo Cattle-Huff N Puff/Steer-$9,500
Ryan Forman Show Steers-Dakota Gold/Steer-$9,500
Bushy Park Farm-Huff N Puff/Steer-$9,500
Ryan Forman Show Steers-MAB/Steer-$9,500
Skoglund Cattle Company-MAB/Steer-$9,500
Taylor Schwartz-Monopoly/Steer-$9,500
Taylor Schwartz-Ready 2 Rumble-$9,250
Full Circle Farm-Thriller/Heifer-$9,500
Potts Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$9,500
JB Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$9,260
Morrow Show Steers-Heat Wave/Steer-$9,250
Schulte Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$9,250
Womack Livestock-MAB/Steer-$9,250
Warren Show Steers-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$9,250
Boss Lake Genetics-Chopper/Heifer-$9,000
Travis Mitchell-Monopoly/Steer-$9,000
DTR Livestock/Stewart Family Livestock-Monopoly/bull/Steer-$9,000
Dennert & Eichler Club Calves-Nun Better/Steer-$9,000
Ben Danner-Monopoly 4/Heifer-$9,000
Ferguson Cattle Company-MAB/Steer-$9,000
Potts Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$9,000
Potts Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$9,000
Potts Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$9,000
Simon Cattle LLC / Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,750
Choate Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$8,750
Drew Miller-Ali/Heifer-$8,500
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,500
Larrison Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$8,500
Moffitt Farms-I-80/Heifer-$8,500
Landgren Ranch-Monopoly 7/Steer-$8,350
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
Adam Dryer-MAB/Steer-$8,250
Jeff Miller Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
Rick Frye-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,250
Halbach Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
Halbach Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
Wedig Club Calves-WMW/Heifer-$8,250
Asche Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
JB Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,250
Burch Livestock-Monopoly 4/heifer-$8,050
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Heifer-$8,001
Foster Brothers & Seale Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,001
Mike Huston-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,001
Tusa Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$8,000
Sandy Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,000
Cowan Cattle Company-I-80/Heifer-$8,000
Wacey Townsend -Dakota Gold/Steer-$8,000
Mike Huston-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
Boyert Show Cattle and Core Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$8,000
Voegele Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
Voegele Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,000
R B Angus-I-80/Heifer-$8,000
Rick Frye-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
J/D Cattle Company-Unstoppable/Heifer-$8,000
Kyle McCracken-MAB/Heifer-$8,000
DaLin Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$7,800
Mike Loecke-Monopoly/Steer-$7,800
Asche Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$7.750
Grant Caldwell-Ready 2 Rumble/Steer-$7,750
Jake Osborn-MAB/Steer-$7,750
Otterstad Cattle Co. & Wynn Show Cattle-Thriller/Heifer-$7,750
R B Angus-Unstoppable/Steer-$7,750
Holmes Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
Keeton Show Steers-Dakota Gold/Steer-$7,750
Otterstad Cattle Co. & Wynn Show Cattle-Walk This Way/Steer-$7,750
The Cattle Co.-MAB/Steer-$7,750
Luke Taylor-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,750
Royal Crown Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$7,750
Thernes Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,500
Rick Frye-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Mike Huston-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Otterstad Cattle Co. & Wynn Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Poad Cattle Co.& Friends-MAB/Steer-$7,500
Poad Cattle Co.& Friends-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Choate Cattle Co-MAB/Steer-$7,500
Potts Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Jason Shatto-Unstopable/Steer-$7,500
Weiss Bros-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Dennert & Eichler Club Calves-Huff N Puff/Heifer-$7,500
Dax Lautner Show Steers-Heat Wave/Steer-$7,500
Lay Farms-I-80/Heifer-$7,500
Warren Show Steers-Monopoly 4/steer-$7,257
Ryan Goehring-Monopoly/Steer-$7,250
Ryan Goehring-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,250
Mike Huston-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,250
Jeff Miller Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$7,250
Burmeister Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$7,250
Holmes Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$7,200
Miller Cattle Company-I-80/Heifer-$7,100
Potts Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$7,001
Stierwalt Cattle & Clinics-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,000
Laber/Savage-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$7,000
R B Angus-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-Chopper/Heifer-$7,000
Barker & Rogers Family Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Steer-$7,000
Grant Caldwell-Ready 2 Rumble/Heifer-$7,000
Templin Farms-Mercedes Benz/Heifer-$7,000
Keeton Show Steers-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Taylor Lueking-Bodacious/Steer-$7,000
Choate Cattle Co-Unstoppable/Steer-$7,000
Jason Shatto-MAB/Heifer-$7,000
Asche Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$6,750
Copeland Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,750
Christo Cattle-MAB/Steer-$6,750
Larrison Farms-MAB/Heifer-$6,750
Colin Yorges-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,750
Drew Miller-I-80/Steer-$6,750
LeVanderosa Farms Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$6,750
Tyson Rasmuson-Thriller/Steer-$6,750
DaLin Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$6,750
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$6,750
Bushy Park Farm-Monopoly/Steer-$6,750
Otterstad Cattle Co. & Wynn Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,750
Foster Brothers & Seale Show Cattle-Soild Gold/steer-$6,750
Dave Stoltz-Monopoly/Steer-$6,750
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,750
M Lazy Heart Ranch-Monopoly 4/Heifer-$6,750
Mittag Show Cattle -Monopoly/Steer-$6,750
Schneider Brothers Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$6,750
Voegele Show Cattle/RJ Cattle Co-Smokin Hottie/Steer-$6,750
Dave Stoltz-MAB/Steer-$6,550
Goretska Show Steers-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Goretska Show Steers-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Y-NOT Cattle-Ready 2 Rumble/Steer-$6,500
Rory Went-Runaway Train/Heifer-$6,500
Burch Livestock-Monopoly 4/heifer- $6,500
Poad Cattle Co.& Friends-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Seth Miller-Monopoly/steer-$6,500
Schulte Cattle Co-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,500
Warren Show Steers-Monopoly 4/steer-$6,500
Matt Schneider-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,500
Foster Brothers & Seale Show Cattle-Thriller/Steer-$6,351
Mitteness Family Angus-Mercedes Benz/Bull-$6,250
Warfield Cattle-Jesse James/Steer-$6,250
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Grant Caldwell-Ready 2 Rumble/Steer-$6,250
Ryan Forman Show Steers-Texas Tornado/Steer-$6,250
Holmes Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Ferguson Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Brian Ruppert-MAB/Steer-$6,250
Chris Rosa-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Choate Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Seth Miller-MAB/Steer-$6,250
Travis Mitchell-Monopoly/Steer-$6,150
JT Weber Family-Monopoly/Steer-$6,062
Simon Cattle LLC / Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Schmitt Show Steers-Ohio Senator/Steer-$6,000
JB Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$6,000
Wacey Townsend-I-67/Steer-$6,000
Shireman Show Stock and Toby Freehauf-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,000
Wacey Townsend-Unstoppable/Heifer-$6,000
Bushy Park Farm-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Rick Frye-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Mlady Show Cattle-Monopoly 4/Steer-$6,000
Larrison Farms-MAB/Steer-$6,000
Doeppenschmidt Show Cattle-I-80/Steer-$6,000
Shirley Show Cattle-I-80/Steer-$6,000
Keeton Show Steers-Unstoppable/Steer-$6,000
Weiss Bros-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Seth Plendl-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Chris Wilson-Huff N Puff/Heifer-$6,000
Ryan Knudson-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Vickland Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Jones Cattle and TC&D Rahe Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$5,900
Eddy Forsythe-I-80/Heifer-$5,783
Boyert Show Cattle and Core Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$5,757
Wade Berenda-I-80/Steer-$5,752
Prime Time Show Cattle-Texas Tornado/Heifer-$5,751
Asche Cattle Company-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
Sandy Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,750
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Heifer-$5,750
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
Pryor/Thompson-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,750
Doeppenschmidt Show Cattle-Moonlight/Steer-$5,750
Weiss Bros-Monopoly/Steer-$5,750
Seth Miller-MAB/Steer-$5,750
Bill Follon-MAB/Steer-$5,750
Garwood Cattle Co.-I-80/Heifer-$5,750
JT Weber Family-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,750
Mitteness Family Angus-Monopoly/Steer-$5,750
Rory Went-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
K&K Cattle Co- Weimer-Stiles-Monopoly/Steer-$5,750
Hoobler Farms/Gainer Farms-Monopoly/steer-$5,750
Seth Miller-Monopoly/Steer-$5,750
Hoier Cattle-MAB/steer-$5,750
Stoltz Exotics-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
Halbach Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
M Lazy Heart Ranch-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
Jason Shatto-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,750
Collin Eichler-MAB/Steer-$5,000
DTR Livestock/Stewart Family Livestock-Moonlight/Steer-$5,600
Workman Farms-Ready2Rumble/Heifer-$5,600
Doeppenschmidt Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,600
Jones Cattle and TC&D Rahe Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$5,501
R B Angus-MAB/Steer-$5,500
Schneider Brothers Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
K&K Cattle Co- Weimer-Stiles-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
K&K Cattle Co- Weimer-Stiles-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Mittag Show Cattle –Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Wedig Club Calves-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Burmeister Farms-I-80/Heifer-$5,500
Danny Hansen-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Brian Ruppert-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Choate Cattle Co-Heat Wave /Steer-$5,500
Workman Farms-MAB/Steer-$5,550
Simon Cattle LLC / Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Jeff Miller Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,500
JT Weber Family-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
M Lazy Heart Ranch-MAB/Steer-$5,500
DeJong Ranch-Monopoly/heifer-$5,500
Dave Stoltz-Dakota Gold/Steer-$5,500
Kennedy Club Calves-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Lay Farms-Dakota Gold/Steer-$5,500
Stoltz Exotics-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Matt Schneider-MAB/Heifer-$5,500
Jeff Miller Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,450
JT Weber Family-MAB/Heifer-$5,400
Baker Farms-I-80/Steer-$5,350
Boyert Show Cattle and Core Farms-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,255
Alexander Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$5,251
Truebenbach Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Goretska Show Steers-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Stoltz Exotics-Monopoloy/Steer-$5,250
Simon Cattle LLC / Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Simon Cattle LLC / Newton Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,250
Pearson Show Cattle-I-80/Steer-$5,250
JB Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Dave Stoltz-MAB/Heifer-$5,250
Dave Stoltz-I-80/Heifer-$5,250
Orchard View Farm-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Dave Stoltz-Huff N Puff/Heifer-$5,250
Halbach Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Warren Show Steers-MAB/Steer-$5,250
Nelson England-I-80/Steer-$5,250
Stohlmann Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,250
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,250
Grant Caldwell-MAB/Steer-$5,250
Habeger Show Stock-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,250
Voegele Show Cattle/RJ Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Danny Hansen-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Aaron Broz-Thriller/Heifer-$5,250
Choate Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
MPJ Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Gradert Show Cattle -Ready2Rumble/Heifer-$5,250
NMJ Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Shireman Show Stock and Toby Freehauf-Huff N Puff/Steer-$5,250
Schmitt Show Steers-Solid Gold/Heifer-$5,250
Lonny Sievers-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Hunt Farms-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,250
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,200
Foster Brothers & Seale Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,100
Matt Schneider-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$5,050
Cody Harms-Monopoly/Steer-$5,001
Simon Cattle LLC / Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
JT Weber Family-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Pearson Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Pearson Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$5,000
Dave Stoltz-I-80/Steer-$5,000
R B Angus-MAB/Steer-$5,000
Asche Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Capatske Cattle Co.-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,000
LeVanderosa Farms Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,000
Rieck & Lents Show Cattle -Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Otto Show Cattle- Huff N Puff/Steer-$5,000
Durban Cattle Company-Dakota Gold/steer-$5,000
Alex Meduna-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Bogie Green Acres-Ready 2 Roll/Steer-$5,000
Taylor Lueking-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Abney Family Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,000
Abney Family Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,000
Thernes Cattle Co.-Monopoly/heifer-$5,000
Holmes Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Dakota Gold/Steer-$5,000
Green Oaks Farm-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Brian Ruppert-MAB/Heifer-$5,000
Danny Hansen-Monopoly/Steer$5,000
Danner Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,000
Jeff Miller-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000


Drew Miller Cattle Co.-I-80/Heifer-$80,000
Jones Show Cattle-Texas Tornado/Steer-$65,000
Randy & Troy Jones-I-80/Heifer-$61,000
Randy & Troy Jones-I-80/heifer-$57,000
Hellbusch Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$55,000
Wiese Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$54,000
Jones Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$45,500
Jason Shatto-Unstoppable/bull-$40,000
Jones Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$35,000
Jones Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$34,000
Pearson Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$32,500
Jackson Cattle Company- Monopoly 2/Heifer-$29,150
Schroeder Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$29,001
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$29,000
Jones Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Steer-$29,000
Wiss Cattle Co.-I-80/Heifer-$28,500
Burke Ranch-Monopoly/Steer-$28,500
Ryan Mcintosh Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Bull-$28,000
Jones Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$27,500
Loecke Show Steers-MAB/Steer-$26,500
Gray Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$25,500
Seth Johnson-Monopoly/Steer-$25,000
Brian Martin Show Cattle-Walk This Way/Bull-$25,000
Otterstad/Wynne-Solid Gold/Steer-$25,000
Jones Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$24,500
Matt Popelka & Coly Riley-Monopoly/Steer-$24,500
Wayne & Barb Ohlrich-Monopoly/Heifer-$24,000
Wiss Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$23,500
Rodgers Cattle Co.-Heat Wave/Steer-$23,500
MPJ Cattle-Unstoppable/Bull-$23,000
Choate Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$23,000
Brandon Bird Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$21,000
MTJF Ranch-Solid Gold/Steer-$20,500
Wedig Club Calves-Heat Wave/Steer-$20,500
Bruns,Criner,Jackson-Heat Wave/Steer-$20,500
Rodgers Livestock & Associates-MAB/Steer-$20,000
Schmitt Show Steers-MAB/Steer-$20,000
Jerry McGee, Tim Shook & Jim Briggs-Monopoly/Heifer-$20,000
Holmes Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$19,500
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$19,000
Swanson Cattle Company-Monopoly/Heifer-$19,000
Jake Osborn-MAB/Steer-$19,000
QW Livestock &Shirley Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$19,000
Jones Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$18,000
Holmes Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$18,000
Schable Cattle -Monopoly 4/Steer-$17,250
Tusa Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$16,500
QW Livestock &Shirley Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$16,500
Gray Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$16,000
Brandon Daniels Show Cattle-Texas Tornado/Steer-$15,500
Rob Vanhove-Monopoly/Steer-$15,500
Smith Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Steer-$15,500
Burke Ranch-MAB/Heifer-$15,500
Pesek Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$15,500
Chaplin Cattle-I-80/Steer-$15,250
Goretska Show Steers-Uno Mas/Heifer-$15,000
Brandon Daniels Show Cattle-Monopoly 4/Steer-$15,000
Shirley Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$15,000
Potts Show Cattle-Monoploy/Steer-$15,000
Shirley Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Heifer-$14,509
Rodgers Livestock & Associates-Monopoly/Steer-$14,500
Competitive Edge Genetics-Heat Wave/Steer-$14,500
Jones Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$14,500
Jones Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$14,500
Baudino Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$14,500
MTJF Ranch-Soild Gold/Steer-$14,500
Bremer Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$14,000
J Butler-Monopoly/Heifer-$14,000
Jones Show Cattle-Walk This Way/Steer-$14,000
Wiese Show Cattle-Mercedes Benz/Heifer-$14,000
Otterstad/Wynne-Texas Twister/Steer-$14,000
Choate Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$14,000
Kris Black-I-80/Steer-$13,787
Stierwalt Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$13,500
Crandell Show Cattle – Dakota Gold/Steer-$13,500
Wiss,Rosa,and Campbell-Solid Gold/Steer-$13,500
Dana Dennert-Heat Wave/Steer-$13,250
Kris Black-Dakota Gold/Steer-$13,001
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$13,000
Jones Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$13,000
Tusa Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$13,000
Pesek Cattle-MAB/Steer-$13,000
Stierwalt Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$12,500
Boyert Show Cattle and Core Farms-Uno Mas/Heifer-$12,500
Frye Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$12,500
Thompson & Forman-Monopoly4/Heifer-$12,500
Jones Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$12,500
Brett Bowman-Monopoly/Steer-$12,500
Wayne & Barb Ohlrich-Monopoly/Heifer-$12,500
Wiese Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$12,500
Carwile Show Cattle-Johhny Football/Steer-$12,500
Perry Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$12,500
Perry Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Steer-$12,500
Tusa Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Heifer-$12,500
Bailey Cattle Co-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$12,500
Skinner Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$12,500
Dana Dennert-Heat Wave/Steer-$12,250
Griswold Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$12,100
Stierwalt Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$12,000
Simon & Newton-Monopoly/Heifer-$12,000
MPJ Cattle Co-Monopoly/Heifer-$12,000
J Butler-Monopoly/Heifer-$12,000
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$12,000
Shane Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$12,000
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$11,750
Unger Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$11,500
Bluestem-Dakota Gold/Steer-$11,500
Wiss Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$11,500
Shatto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$11,500
Rodgers Livestock & Associates-Monopoly/Steer-$11,500
Rodgers Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$11,000
RJ Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$11,000
Triple N Farm-I-80/Heifer-$11,000
Jim Compton- Monopoly/Heifer-$11,000
Tusa Show Cattle-Smokin Hottie/Steer-$11,000
Custy Cattle Co.-Texas Twister/Bull-$11,000
Leifeste & Barry-Solid Gold/Steer-$11,000
Sanders Cattle & ValleyHill Farms-Monopoly 2/Bull-$11,000
Tusa Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$11,000
Tusa Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$11,000
Burch Livestock-Monopoly 4/Bull-$11,000
Collin Eichler-MAB/Steer-$11,000
Elliot Cattle-Solid Gold/Bull-$10,700
Griswold Cattle-Thriller/Steer-$10,600
Hank Hasenbeck-Ready2Rumble/Heifer-$10,500
Frye Cattle Company-I-80/Heifer-$10,500
Jones Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$10,500
Minnaert Show Cattle-Hard Drive/Heifer-$10,500
Tusa Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Steer-$10,500
Tusa Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Steer-$10,500
Jackson Cattle Company -One In A Million/Heifer-$10,500
Carrousel Farms-I-80/Steer-$10,500
Venable Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$10,500
Herum Show Cattle–Monopoly/Steer-$10,400
Potts Show Cattle-I-80/Steer-$10,212
RJ Cattle Co.-I-80/Heifer-$10,001
Brock May Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$10,000
Jackson Cattle Company/Lazy J Ranches-Chopper/Heifer-$10,000
Boyert Show Cattle and Core Farms-Monopoly/Heifer-$10,000
Schmitt Show Steers-Chopper/Steer-$10,000
Schmitt Show Steers-MAB/Steer-$10,000
J Butler-Monopoly/Heifer-$10,000
Jones Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$10,000
Clark Show Cattle -Walk This Way/Heifer-$10,000
Baudino Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$10,000
Leifeste & Barry-Solid Gold/Bull-$10,000
Ridge Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$10,000
MPJ Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$10,000
Elliot Cattle Co.-Smoke A Lil Smoke/Steer-$10,000
Bruns,Criner,Jackson-Solid Gold/Steer-$10,000
Bremer Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,850
Moonen Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,752
Geffert Cattle Co.-Unstoppable/Heifer-$9,750
Travis McIntosh-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,750
Snowy Hill Cattle- Unstoppable/Heifer-$9,750
Minnaert Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,750
Hellbusch Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$9,750
Campbell Co.-Monopoly/Bull-$9,750
Smith Family Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$9,750
MTJF Ranch-Slid Gold/Steer-$9,507.32
Competitive Edge Genetics-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,500
Schmitt Show Steers-I-80/Steer-$9,500
Ryan Mcintosh-Heat Wave/Bull-$9,500
Jake Osborn-Unstoppable/Steer-$9,400
Bremer Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,250
Stohlmann Show Cattle-Jesse James/Steer-$9,250
Otterstad/Wynne-Solid Gold/Steer-$9,250
Joe Lucas-I-80/Heifer-$9,250
Joe Lucas-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,250
Collin Eichler-MAB/Steer-$9,250
Voegele Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,000
Golden State-Monopoly4/Steer-$9,000
Frye Cattle Company-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,000
Brandon Daniels Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$9,000
Thompson & Forman- Heat wave/Steer-$9,000
Potts Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$9,000
Otterstad/Wynne-Dakota Gold/Steer-$9,000
Collins Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,000
Schulte Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,000
Bill Work-Monopoly/Steer-$9,000
Carrousel Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$9,000
Bruns,Criner,Jackson-Heat Wave/Steer-$9,000
Jerry McGee, Tim Shook & Jim Briggs-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,000
Jackson Cattle Company/Lazy J Ranches-Chopper/Heifer-$8,750
Moonen Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$8,750
Hellbusch Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,750
MTJF Ranch-Solid Gold/Steer-$8,750
Aces Wild-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,750
Tusa Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,750
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$8,750
MPJ Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,750
Jackson Cattle Company/Lazy J Ranches-Chopper/Heifer-$8,500
Frye Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$8,500
Thompson & Forman-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,500
England Cattle Co.-I-80/Heifer-$8,500
Rodgers Livestock & Associates-Monopoly/Steer-$8,500
Wiese Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,500
Coblentz Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$8,500
Collins Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,500
John Knowles-I-67/Steer-$8,500
Schenk Farms-Dakota Gold/Steer-$8,500
Bower-Craft-Solid Gold/Steer-$8,500
Herum Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$8,450
Goretska Show Steers-I-80/Steer-$8,250
Cactus Rose Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Heifer-$8,250
Willow Springs Cattle Co -Chopper/Heifer-$8,250
Jim Cowan-I-80/Heifer-$8,250
Elliott Cattle-I-67/Steer-$8,250
Cline Cattle-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$8,250
MTJF Ranch-Solid Gold/Steer-$8,250
Pesek Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,250
Shatto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$8,250
Knudson Cattle-I-80/Steer-$8,250
Pesek Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,250
Wiss Cattle CO.-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,250
Joe Seale – Derrer Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
Perry Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
Skinner Cattle Co.-Dakota Gold/Steer-$8,009
Voegele Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
Rodgers Livestock & Associates-Monopoly/Steer-$8,000
Boyert Show Cattle and Core Farms-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
Jones Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,000
Johnson Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
Rodgers Livestock & Associates-Monopoly/Steer-$8,000
Ryan Goehring-MAB/Steer-$8,000
Ryan Goehring-Monopoly/Steer-$8,000
Durban Cattle Co.-Unstoppable/Steer-$8,000
Wiese Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,000
Kopp Land & Livestock-Monopoly/Bull-Steer-$8,000
MPJ Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$8,000
Pesek Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
Durban Cattle-Unstoppable/Steer-$8,000
Wolff Farms-Heat Wave/Heifer-$8,000
Weis Cattle-Ready2Rumble/Heifer-$8,000
Wiss Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,000
CPR Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,850
Truebenbach Show Cattle-Bojo/Heifer-$7,750
Voegele Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$7,750
Frye Cattle Company-Dakota Gold/Steer-$7,750
Carter Schweer-Uno Mas/Steer-$7,750
Thompson & Forman-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
Y-NOT Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$7,750
Baudino Show Cattle-I-80/Steer-$7,750
Jim Baughman-MAB/Steer-$7,750
Tusa Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
CPR Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$7,750
Kirk Forsythe-Ready2Roll/Bull-$7,750
Cooksey Farms & Show Cattle-Monopoly/Bull-Steer-$7,750
Kirk Forsythe-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$7,750
Pesek Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
Fesmire Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,750
Brock May Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
Franke/Cromwell-Heat Wave/Heifer-$7,750
Aces Wild-Heat Wave/Heifer-$7,750
Competitive Edge Genetics-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,500
Unger Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Steer-$7,500
Drew Miller Cattle Co.-I-80/Heifer-$7,500
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$7,500
Tusa Show Cattle-Texas Twister/Steer-$7,500
Griswold Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Jackson Cattle Company -Monopoly/Heifer-$7,500
MTJF Ranch-Solid Gold/Steer-$7,500
Tusa Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,500
Moore Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$7,500
Wedig Club Calves-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,500
Wedig Club Calves-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,500
Holmes Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$7,251
Geffert Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,250
McCauley Family Cattle -Monopoly/Heifer-$7,250
Frye Cattle Company-I-80/Steer-$7,250
Kendall Bremer-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,250
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Heat Wave/Heifer-$7,250
Hueber Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,250
Goretska Show Steers-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,250
RB Angus and Show Cattle-Springsteen/Heifer-$7,250
Minnaert Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$7,250
Baudino Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,250
Otterstad/Wynne-Solid Gold/Steer-$7,250
Conn/Kennedy-Heat Wave/Bull-$7,250
Kris Black-Uno Mas/Steer-$7,250
Williams Show Cattle-I-80/Bull-$7,250
Franke/Cromwell-Solid Gold/Heifer-$7,250
Blackford Cattle-Steam Roller/Steer-$7,250
Knudson Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$7,250
MPJ Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,250
Burke Ranch-Ready 2 Roll/Steer-$7,250
Choate Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,250
Neal Head-Solid Gold/Steer-$7,250
Potts Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$7,050
Frye Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$7,000
Hueber Show Cattle-Smokin’ Hottie/Steer-$7,000
Baudino Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,000
Baudino Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,000
McCullough Hoffman Farms-Ali/Heifer-$7,000
Perry Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,000
Potts Show Cattle-Slid Gold/Steer-$7,000
Hoier Show Cattle-I-80/Bull-$7,000
MTJF Ranch-MAB/Heifer-$7,000
Shatto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$7,000
Otto Show Cattle-50G/Steer-$7,000
Carrousel Farms-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,000
Carrousel Farms-General Lee/Steer-$7,000
Wedig Club Calves-Unstoppable/Heifer-$7,000
Schenk Farms-Monopoly/Steers-$7,000
Jerry McGee, Tim Shook & Jim Briggs-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,000
Bailey Cattle Co-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,900
Frye Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$6,850
Wiese Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,800
Smith Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$6,755
Moonen Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,751
Forrester & Beville-Monopoly/Steer-$6,751
Dax Lautner-I-80/Heifer-$6,751
Gray Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,750
Competitive Edge Genetics-Heat Wave/Steer-$6,750
Snowy Hill Cattle -Unstoppable/Heifer-$6,750
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,750
Brad Ewing-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,750
Jones Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$6,750
Jim Baughman-MAB/Heifer-$6,750
John Gruhn-Bojo/Steer-$6,750
S&N Livestock-Texas Tornado/Heifer-$6,750
Tusa Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,750
Pesek Cattle-Steam Roller/Bull-Steer-$6,750
Otto Show Cattle-I-80/Steer-$6,750
Schwab Farms-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,750
Potts Show Cattle- I-80/Steer-$6,750
Gray Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,600
Tusa Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,503.44
RJ Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Competitive Edge Genetics-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Brian Martin Show Cattle-I-80/Bull-$6,500
Kendall Bremer-I-80/Heifer-$6,500
Thompson & Forman-I-80/Heifer-$6,500
Y-NOT Cattle-Ready2Rumble/Heifer-$6,500
Brett Bowman-Heat Wave/Steer-$6,500
Coblentz Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$6,500
Collins Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,500
Perry Show Cattle-Smokin N Mirrors/Heifer-$6,500
Bill Work-MAB/Steer-$6,500
Moore Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$6,500
Blackford Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$6,500
Richey Show Steers-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,500
Knudson Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Bull-$6,500
Ryan Went-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,500
Leifeste & Barry-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,500
Nutt Cattle Co.-Jimmy The Greek/Steer-$6,500
Boxwell Shirley-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Venable Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Heifer-$6,500
Triple N Farm-I-80/Heifer-$6,500
Rodgers Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Stierwalt Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Ryan Went-Walk This Way/Steer-$6,250
Weaver Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
TC&D Rahe Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Willow Springs Cattle Co -Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Hueber Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Brad Ewing-I-80/Heifer-$6,250
Agle Family-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Thompson & Forman-Monopoly 7/Steer-$6,250
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Minnaert Show Cattle-Mercedes Benz/Heifer-$6,250
Baudino Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Greg Sharp-I-80/Heifer-$6,250
Hellbusch Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Schulte Cattle-MAB/Steer-$6,250
Pearson Show Cattle-Walks This Way/Heifer-$6,250
Fesmire Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Potts Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,050
Eddy Forsythe-I-80/Heifer-$6,050
Schenk Farms-Heat Wave/Steer-$6,009
Voegele Show Cattle-I-67/Steer-$6,001
Stierwalt Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Ryan Went-Heat Wave/Steer-$6,000
Frye Cattle Company-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$6,000
Frye Cattle Company-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Schmitt Show Steers-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$6,000
Agle Family-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Perry Show Cattle-Drive On Driver/Heifer-$6,000
Kalvig Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Hellbusch Cattle Co.-MAB/Steer-$6,000
Bremer Show Cattle-Chopper/Heifer-$6,000
Elliott Cattle-Uno Mas/Steer-$6,000
Griswold Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,000
Bogie Greene & Friends-Jesse James/Heifer-$6,000
Campbell Co.-Monopoly/Bull-$6,000
Frye Cattle Company-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Shatto Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$6,000
Moore Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Otto Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Steer-$6,000
Loecke Show Steers-I-80/Steer-$6,000
MPJ Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Skoglund Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$6,000
Collin Eichler-Heat Wave/Steer-$6,000
Collin Eichler-Walks This Way/Steer-$6,000
Collin Eichler-MAB/Steer-$6,000
Collin Eichler-MAB/Heifer-$6,000
Wedig Club Calves-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Bushy Park Farm-Ready2Rumble/Bull-$6,000
Elliot Cattle Co.-Smoke A Lil Smoke/Steer-$6,000
Boxwell Shirley-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Wolff Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Tyler Thernes-I-80/Bull-$6,000
Matt Popelka & Coly Riley-Monopoly/Steer$6,000
Voegele Show Cattle- I-80/Bull-$6,000
Frye Cattle Company-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,850
Franke/Cromwell-Solid Gold/Heifer-$5,850
Skoglund Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,801
Ryan Forman & Silver Creek Farms-Steam Roller/Steer-$5,760
Carter Schweer-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,753.01
Moonen Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,751
Kris Black-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,751
Travis McIntosh-I-80/Heifer-$5,750
Shane Lutrick -General Lee/Steer-$5,750
Griswold Cattle-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,750
Wayne & Barb Ohlrich-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,750
Griswold Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,750
Schroeder Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,750
Ryan Mcintosh Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$5,750
Cummings Cattle-General Lee/Heifer-$5,750
Kris Black-Monopoly/Steer-$5.750
Cooksey Farms & Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Bull-Steer-$5,750
Franke/Cromwell-Solid Gold/Heifer-$5,750
HERDMAN CATTLE-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
Eddy Forsythe-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$5,750
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,750
Kellon Whitley -Monopoly/Steer-$5,750
Otto Show Cattle-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$5,750
MPJ Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
Haberger-Monopoly Money/Heifer-$5,750
Herum Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$5,750
Herum Show Cattle–Monopoly/Steer-$5,750
Weaver Show Cattle-Choppin Wood/Heifer-$5,750
Burke Ranch-Dakota Gold/Steer-$5,750
Skoglund Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$5,750
Pearson Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
Leifeste & Barry-Monopoly/Steer-$5,750
Tyler Thernes-Ali/Bull-$5,750
Wiss,Rosa,and Campbell-Solid Gold/Bull-$5,750
Potts Show Cattle-Walks This Way/Steer-$5,750
Andrew Lange-I-80/Steer-$5,575
Reynolds Show Cattle-Runaway Train/Steer-$5,550
Kirk Forsythe-I-80/Heifer-$5,502
Weaver Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,501
TC&D Rahe Cattle-Brother Joe/Heifer-$5,501
Rodgers Cattle Co.-Dakota Gold/Steer-$5,500
Weaver Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$5,500
Boyert Show Cattle and Core Farms-I-80/Heifer-$5,500
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Heat Wave/Heifer-$5,500
McCormick Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Kalvig Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Kalvig Cattle Co.-I-80/Heifer-$5,500
Baudino Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Ryan Goehring-I-80/Steer-$5,500
Wolff Farms-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,500
Potts Show Cattle-Smoke a Lil Smoke/Steer-$5,500
Hoier Show Cattle-Jesse James/Bull-$5,500
Perry Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Schroeder Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,500
MTJF Ranch-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,500
TC&D Rahe Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Showcase Cattle Company -MAB/Steer-$5,500
Campbell Co.-I-80/Bull-$5,500
Burch Livestock-Monopoly/Bull-$5,500
Burch Livestock-Monopoly 4/Heifer-$5,500
Dax Lautner-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,500
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$5,500
Otto Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$5,500
Carrousel Farms-MAB/Steer-$5,500
Pesek Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Ryan Forman & Silver Creek Farms-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,500
Shirley Show Cattle-Crimson Tide/Heifer-$5,500
Rodgers Livestock & Associates-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,500
Barney Cattle Co-I-80/Heifer-$5,450
Tim Burke/Jake Robinson-Chopper/Heifer-$5,400
Kendall Bremer-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,400
MTJF Ranch-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,251
Stierwalt Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,250
Jones Cattle Co-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,250
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,250
Hueber Show Cattle-Walk This Way/Steer-$5,250
Unger Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,250
Minnaert Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,250
Clark Show Cattle -Monopoly/Heifer-$5,250
John Gruhn-Dakota Gold/Steer-$5,250
Kirk Forsythe-Ready 2 Roll/Steer-$5,250
Kennedy Farms-MAB/Steer-$5,250
Dax Lautner-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Blackford Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$5,250
MPJ Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,250
Smith Family Cattle-Chopper/Heifer-$5,250
Burke Ranch-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,250
Skoglund Cattle-Walks This Way/Steer-$5,250
Holmes Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Caffee Ranch-I-80/Bull-$5,250
Shirley Show Cattle- Rocky Balboa/Heifer-$5,200
Bob Manning-I-80/Heifer-$5,100
Wiese Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,001
Kirk Forsythe-Ready 2 Roll/Steer-$5,001
Frye Cattle Company-King Of The Mountain/Steer-$5,000
Frye Cattle Company-Walk This Way/Steer-$5,000
Frye Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Simon Cattle LLC/Newton Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,000
Triple N Farm-I-80/Heifer-$5,000
Taylor Schwartz-Mercedes Benz/Heifer-$5,000
Goretska Show Steers-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Tyler Hartgers-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Clark Show Cattle -Chopper/Heifer-$5,000
England Showstock-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Greg Sharp-I-80/Heifer-$5,000
Shirley Show Cattle-Mercedes Benz/Steer-$5,000
Jerry McGee, Tim Shook & Jim Briggs-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Voegele Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Tyler Thernes-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Wolff Farms-I-80/Steer-$5,000
Rodgers Livestock & Associates-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Wiss Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Robert Steinbrink-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Wolff Farms-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,000
Wolff Farms-Red Rock/Heifer-$5,000
Swan Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$5,000
Brock May Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,000
Fesmire Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Harvey Cattle-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Bushy Park Farm-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Durban Cattle-General Lee/Heifer-$5,000
Herum Show Cattle-I-80/Steer-$5,000
Knudson Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Blackford Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,000
Moore Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,000
Shatto Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Shatto Show Cattle-MAB/Steer-$5,000
Shatto Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Kennedy Farms-MAB/Heifer-$5,000
Franke/Cromwell-Solid Gold/Heifer-$5,000
Burch Livestock-I-67/Bull-$5,000
Tusa Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Tusa Show Cattle-MAB/Heifer-$5,000
Kopp Land & Livestock-Unstoppable/Bull-Steer-$5,000
Campbell Co.-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Bogie Greene & Friends-Ready 2 Rumble/Bull-$5,000
Ridge Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,000
Rife Family Show Cattle-Walks This Way/Bull-Steer-$5,000
Cummings Cattle-Monopoly/Bull-$5,000
Cummings Cattle-Monopoly Money/Heifer-$5,000
MTJF Ranch-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,000
Griswold Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Holmes Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Wolff Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Bremer Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Durban Cattle Co.-General Lee/Heifer-$5,000
Bremer Show Cattle-Ready 2 Roll/Heifer-$5,000
Stierwalt Cattle-Ready 2 Rumble/Heifer-$5,000


Adam Schelske-I-80/Heifer-$90,000
Schaeffer/Tice-Who Made Who/Dam-$86,000
Bushy Park Farm-Monopoly/Steer-$53,000
Brad Smith-Monopoly/Monopoly Clone/Steer-$62,000
Randy Fawcett-Heat Wave/Steer-$55,000+
Bushy Park-Monopoly/Monopoly Clone/Steer-$53,000
Kopp Land & Livestock-Monopoly/bull/steer-$50,500
Brad Smith-Monopoly/Monopoly Clone/Steer-$48,000
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-Monopoly/Steer-$42,505
Kent McLemore-Leroy Brown/Heifer-$40,000
Lueking Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$39,750
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-Unstoppable/Heifer-$38,501
Denny Muller – Monopoly 4/Steer $38,000
M Lazy Heart Ranch-Unstoppable/Bull-$32,000
Potts Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$32,000
Garwood Cattle Co-Milkman/Heifer-$27,500
Jeremy Clark-King Of The Mountain/Heifer-$25,500
Matt Fuss-Solid Gold/Steer-$22,500
Garwood Cattle Co-Monopoly/Heifer-27,000
Kopp land & Livestock-Monopoly 2/Bull/Steer-$22,000
Hoblyn Farms-Monopoly/Heifer-$21,506
Collin Eichle- Heat Wave 5/Steer-$21,500
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$21,500
Greiner Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$20,500
Magill Farms -Heat Wave/Steer-$20,102
Keegan Moonen -Monopoly/Steer-$20,000
Matt Fuss-Solid Gold/Steer-$20,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Monopoly/Heifer-$20,000
Tim Burke Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$19,000
Bushy Park Farm-Monopoly/Steer-$19,000
Wolfe Farms-Thriller/Heifer-$18,500
Blach & Triple JB Cattle-Monopoly/Bull-$17,500
Knudson Cattle Co-I-80/Steer-$17,500
Willie Weis – Grizzly Bear/Heifer $17,500
Naber Farms-Monopoly/Heifer-$17,000
Greiner Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$17,000
Jerrod Arthur-I-80/Heifer-$17,000
Hensley Cattle Company -Chopper/Heifer-$16,750
Boyert Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$16,000
Anthony Topmiller-I-80/Heifer-$16,000
Dennis Pearson-Monopoly/Steer-$16,000
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Heat Wave/Steer-$16,000
Devon Fraker-I-80/Steer-$15,501
Holley Show Cattle-Gold Rush/Steer$15,500
Blach & Triple JB Cattle-Monopoly/Bull-$15,500
Bushy Park Farm- Monopoly/Steer-$15,500
Dean Staley – Ready 2 Rumble/Steer $15,500
Berkley Bird-Milk Man/Steer-$15,500
Vickland Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$15,000
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$15,000
Kevin Bremer-Monopoly/Steer-$15,000
Matt Fuss-Solid Gold/Steer-$15,000
Matt Fuss-Heat Wave Clone/Steer-$15,000
Matt Fuss-Heat Wave Clone/Steer-$15,000
Tommy Schroeder-Solid Gold/Steer-$15,000
Brandon Horn-Solid Gold/Bull-$14,500
Horn Livestock-Solid Gold/Steer-$14,300
Healy Show Cattle – Monopoly/Monopoly Clone/Heifer $14,250
Jeff Holmes DVM-Monopoly/Steer-$14,000
Chris Smith-Unstoppable/Heifer-$13,600
Boyert Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$13,500
Adam Pryor-I-80/Steer-$13,500
Dave Vansickle-I-80/Bull-$13,500
Chris Smith-Ready2Roll/Bull-$13,001
Holt Cattle Company-Walk This Way/Steer-$13,000
Wiese Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$13,000
Meg-Jer Farms/King Livestock-I-80/Heifer-$13,000
Hornung Show Cattle – Monopoly/Heifer $12,501
Scott Hellbusch-Monopoly/Steer-$12,500
Jeff Holmes DVM-Monopoly/Steer-$12,500
Keller Club Calves-I-80/Heifer-$12,500
Jarod Schmitt-Dirty Hairy/Heifer-$12,500
Jarod Schmitt-Dirty Hairy/Steer-$12,000
Champions In Waiting -Monopoly/Steer-$12,500
Jirl Buck/I-80/Bull-$12,500
Bryan McKay-Solid Gold/Steer-$12,500
Korey Schenk-Monopoly/Steer-$12,500
Jason Crose-Solid Gold/Steer-$12,500
Brett Bowman-Gold Rush/Steer-$12,450
Bill Elliot-Smoke A Lil Smoke/Steer-$12,050
Sieck Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$12,000
Minnaert Cattle Company – I-80/Heifer $12,000
Boxwell Shirley-Unstoppable/Steer-$12,000
Dax Lautner-Monopoly/Heifer-$11,600
Gateway Genetics-Unstoppable/Heifer-$11,500
Jeff Scott-Mercedes Benz/Heifer-$11,500
Adam Potts-Monopoly/Steer-$11,500
Jeremy Skoglund-Heat Wave/Steer-$11,100
Mitteness Family-Monopoly/Heifer-$11,000
Adam Pryor-I-80/Steer-$11,000
Matt Shirley-Monopoly/Steer-$11,000
Mike Huston-Who Made Who/Female-$11,000
Tim Burke Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$10,500
Alan Scott-Bojo/Bull-$10,500
Boxwell Shirley-Monopoly/Steer-$10,500
Tommy Schroeder-Solid Gold/Heifer-$10,500
Danner Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$10,100
Dax Lautner-Monopoly/Steer-$10,005
Garrison Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$10,001
Aaron Volosin-I-67/Steer-$10,000
Bushy Park Farm-Unstoppable/Steer-$10,000
Shatto Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Steer-$10,000
Luke Doris-Unstoppable/Heifer-$10,000
Berkley Bird-Solid Gold/Steer-$10,000
Matt Lautner-Monopoly Money/Bull-$9,950
Vickland Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$9,750
Blach & Triple JB Cattle-Monopoly/Bull-$9,750
Naber Farms-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,750
Cattle Company Online-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,750
Wolfridge/Kelly Long-Unstoppable/Heifer-$9,750
Korey Schenk-I-80/Heifer-$9,750
Dax Lautner-Thriller/Bull-$9,750
Potts Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$9,700
Wiese Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$9,500
Landgren Ranch-Dakota Gold/Steer-$9,500
Kelly Burch -Bojo/Steer-$9,500
Justin Wedig-Monopoly/Steer-$9,500
Lay Farms-Unstoppable/Heifer-$9,500
Bryan McKay-Monopoly/Steer-$9,500
Brian Courtney -Monopoly/Steer-$9,500
Josh Copas-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,500
Kyle Karstens-I Am Legend/Heifer-$9,250
Keller Club Calves-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,250
Jirl Buck-I-80/Bull-$9,250
Chaplin Cattle-Solid Gold/Heifer-$9,250
QW Livestock-I-80/Heifer-$9,250
Boyert Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,000
Snake Run Cattle Co/Meadow Lake Angus-Monopoly/Steer-$9,000
Netzke Brothers-Monopoly/Steer-$9,000
Collin Eichle-Heat Wave/Steer-$9,000
Mathews Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$9,000
Jake Osborn-Monopoly 2/Steer-$9,000
John Frasher-Monopoly/Heifer-$9,000
Matt Lautner-I-80/Bull-$9,000
Curtis Wolff-Milkman/Steer-$8,800
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-Ready2Rumble/Steer-$8,755
Gabel Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$8,751
Wiese Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,750
Troy Otto -Heat Wave/Steer-$8,750
Healy Show Cattle – Walk This Way/Steer $8,750
Cline Cattle-Crimson Tide/Steer-$8,750
Campbell Co-I-80/Bull-$8,750
Goddard Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Bull-$8,750
Jeff Miller-I-80/Steer-$8,600
Keegan Moonen-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,500
Gabel Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$8,500
Justin Wedig-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,500
Joe Lucas-I-80/Bull-$8,500
Rick Schultz-Monopoly 2/Steer-$8,500
Ward Eckloff – I-67/Steer $8,500
M Lazy Heart Ranch-Unstoppable/Steer-$8,500
Larrison Farms-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,500
Zack Eagle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,500
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$8,251
Kendall Bremer-Heat Wave/Steer-$8,251
Hoblyn Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
Agle Family-Unstoppable/Steer-$8,250
Devon Fraker-I-80/Steer-$8,250
Bob Thompson -Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
Seth Johnson-Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
Mike Loecke-I-80/Heifer-$8,250
M Lazy Heart Ranch-Monopoly Money/Steer-$8,250
Dax Lautner-Solid Gold/Heifer-$8,250
Otto Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,250
Keegan Moonen-I-80/Heifer-$8,250
Horn Livestock-Johnny Walker Red/Steer-$8,250
Korey Schenk-Alias/Heifer-$8,250
Jeff Holmes-Thriller/Heifer-$8,250
Hoobler/Gainer-Heat Wave/Heifer-$8,001
Jones Cattle Company -I-80/Heifer-$8,000
Kellon Whitley-I-80/Hefer-$8,000
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-Jesse James/Heifer-$8,000
Kent Stewart-I-80/Solid Gold/Bull-$8,000
Jason Crose-Solid Gold/Steer-$8,000
Sieck Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$8,000
Kevin Bremer-King Of The Mountain/Steer-$8,000
Potts Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$7,850
Brandon Horn-Solid Gold/Bull-$7,753
Kellon Whitley-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
Adam Pryor-I-80/Heifer-$7,750
Tony Simons-Unstoppable/Heifer-$7,750
SHANNON VOEGELE-I-67/Steer-$7,750
Rick Schultz-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,750
Healy Show Cattle – I-67/Heifer $7,750
Jeff Scott-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$7,750
Danner Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,750
Wolfe Farms-Monopoly/Heifer-$7.750
Matt Shirley-Mercedes Benz/Heifer-$7,750
Hauke Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Bull-$7,750
Matt Fuss-Proud Jazz/Sterr-$7,750
Kirk Roecker-Crimson Tide/Heifer-$7,750
Jeff Holmes-Monopoly/Bull-$7,750
Agle Family-I-80/Heifer-$7,501
Wiese Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Altena Show Cattle-Thriller/Heifer-$7,500
Kevin Bremer-King Of The Mounatain/Steer-$7,500
Garwood Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Troy Otto -Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Dan Laufenberg-Monopoly/Monopoly Clone/Heifer-$7500
Nick Saathoff/Brian Meyer-Monopoly/Steer-$7500
Stehr Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Gray Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$7,500
Danner Cattle-I-80/Steer-$7,500
Matt Shirley-Mercedes Benz/Steer-$7,500
Luke Doris-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Luke Doris-Unstoppable/Steer-$7,500
Matt Fuss-Unstoppable/Steer-$7,500
Adam Potts-Monopoly/Steer-$7,500
Brock Welshans-I-80/Heifer-$7,350
Bushy Park Farm-Mercedes Benz/Bull-$7,252
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Heat Wave/Steer-$7,252
Eastview Maines-Mercedes Benz/Heifer-$7,250
Kellon Whitley-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,250
Steve Gouker-Monopoly/Steer-$7,250
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-I-80/Heifer-$7,250
Garwood Cattle Co-I-80/Heifer-$7,250
Mittag Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$7,250
Mittag Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$7,250
Dean Staley – Monopoly/Monopoly Clone/Heifer-$7,250
Matt Shirley-Mercedes Benz/Heifer-$7,250
Luke Doris-Ragin Cajun/Heifer-$7,250
Korey Schenk-Monopoly/Steer-$7,250
Artie Moeller-Heat Wave/Steer-$7,150
Potts Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$7,150
Brandon Bird-Heat Wave 14/Steer-$7,050
Boxwell Shirley-Monopoly/Steer-$7,004
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$7,001
Boyert Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,000
Wolf Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Steer-$7,000
Gateway Genetics-Monopoly/Steer-$7,000
Hornung Show Cattle –Thriller/Steer-$7,000
Riley Farms-Grizzly Bear/Steer-$7,000
Dax Lautner-I-80/Heifer-$7,000
Crow, Dyer, Lake-Walk This Way/Steer-$7,000
Nick Tooker-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,000
QW Livestock-Monopoly/Heifer-$7,000
Kendall Bremer-Monopoly/Bull-$7,000
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-Uno Mas/Heifer-$6,800
Larrison Farms-I-80/Steer-$6,800
Sidwell Hay & Cattle- I-80/Bull-$6,800
Meg-Jer Farms/King Livestock-I-80/Steer-$6,750
Vogler Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$6,750
Vogler Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Steer-$6,750
Bushy Park Farm- Monopoly/Heifer-$6,750
Don Miller–I-67/Heifer-$6,750
Keegan Moonen-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,750
Healy Show Cattle –Monopoly/Monopoly Clone/Heifer-$6,750
Jirl Buck-Ali/Bull-$6,750
Kopp Land & Livestock-Jessie James/Heifer-$6,750
Tommy Schroeder-Solid Gold/Heifer-$6,750
Tim Schaeffer-I-80/Bull-$6,750
Scott Hellbusch-Monoply/Heifer-$6,750
Dave Stroburg-Monopoly/Steer-$6,725
SHANNON VOEGELE-Heat Wve/Steer-$6,600
Shatto Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,501
Devon Fraker-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Tim Burke Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$6,500
Bushy Park Farm-Unstoppable/Steer-$6,500
Jorgensen Show Cattle -Monopoly/Heifer-$6,500
Jorgensen Show Cattle -Monopoly/Heifer-$6,500
Burch Livestock-Indian Outlaw/Heifer-$6,500
Danner Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Danner Cattle-Bojo/Heifer-$6,500
David Parks-I-80/Heifer-$6,500
3J Farms-Chopper/Heifer-$6,500
Champions In Waiting-Monopoly/Steer-$6,500
Wolfridge/Kelly Long-Unstoppable/Heifer-$6,500
Kennedy Farms-I-80/Bull-$6,500
Chris Smith-Unstoppable/Heifer-$6,500
Steve White -Thriller/Heifer-$6,500
Brian and Heather Cummings-Monopoly 2/Bull-$6,500
Sanders Cattle-Monopoly/Bull-$6,500
Boxwell Shirley-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,500
Kirk Forsythe-Monopoly/Steer-$6,350
Bushy Park Farm-Monopoly/Steer-$6,300
Wolfe Farms-Heat Wave/Steer-$6,251
Wolf Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$6,250
Stohlmann Show Cattle-Monopoly Money/Heifer-$6,250
Christo Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Dicks Family Club Calves-Mono Money/Steer-$6,250
Justin Wedig-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Richland Farms-Orange Crush/Steer-$6,250
Knudson Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Dean Staley–Unstoppable/Steer-$6,250
Lazy Heart Ranch-Unstoppable/Steer-$6,250
Kirk Forsythe-Unstoppable/Steer-$6,250
Tillman Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Cattle Company Online-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Snake Run Cattle Co/Meadow Lake Angus-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Wolfe Farms-I-80/Heifer-$6,250
Jirl Buck-Bojo/Bull-$6,250
Bryan McKay-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Vogler Cattle Co.-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Bushy Park Farm-Mercedes Benz/Bull-$6,250
Bushy Park Farm-Mercedes Benz/Bull-$6,250
Sullivan Show Cattle-Bojo/Bull-$6,501
Bushy Park Farm-Mercedes Benz/Bull-$6,500
Lay Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$6,250
Scott Hellbusch-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Bryan McKay-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,250
Wolfridge/Kelly Long-I-80/Bull-$6,250
Trevor Roche-Monopoly/Bull-$6,250
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,151
Brandon Bird-Solid Gold/Steer-$6,056
Netzke Brothers-Monopoly/Steer-$6,055
Kendall Bremer-I-80/Bull-$6,005
Agle Family-Unstoppable/Steer-$6,001
Greiner Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$6,001
Bryan McKay-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,001
Keegan Moonen-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Keegan Moonen -Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Jones Cattle Company-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Naber Farms -Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Cooksey Farms-Unstoppable/Steer-$6,000
Snake Run Cattle Co/Meadow Lake Angus-Unstoppable/Heifer-$6,000
John Broders-General Lee/Steer-$6,000
Naber Farms-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Bushy Park Farm- I-80/Heifer-$6,000
Bushy Park Farm- Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Mittag Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$6,000
Jeff Holmes DVM-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Burch Livestock-Bojo/Heifer-$6,000
Shatto Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Lay Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$6,000
Charlie Parker-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Charlie Parker-Crimson Tide/Heifer-$6,000
Kris Black-Texas Twister/Steer-$6,000
Luke Doris-Monopoly/Heifer-$6,000
Steve White-Monopoly/Bull-$6,000
Korey Schenk-Monopoly Money/Steer-$6,000
John Frasher-Smokin’ Hottie/Steer-$6,000
Matt Lautner-Bojo/Bull-$6,000
Damon Fesmire-I-80/Bull-$6,000
Landgren Ranch-Monopoly Money/Steer-$5,950
Berenda Farms -Monopoly/Heifer-$5,900
Dana Pruess-I-80/Bull-$5,900
Bushy Park Farm-Monopoly/Steer-$5,851
Larrison Farms-I-80/Heifer-$5,850
Gateway Genetics-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,803
Nick Weaver-I-80/Heifer-$5,500
Nick Tooker-Chopper/Heifer-$5,755
Ruggles Beef Farms-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,751
Boyert Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$5,750
Cooksey Farms-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,750
Adam Pryor-I-80/Steer-$5,750
Krantz Club Calves-Monopoly 4/Steer-$5,750
Knudson Cattle Co-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
Healy Show Cattle–I-80/Steer-$5,750
M Lazy Heart Ranch-Torrington/Heifer-$5,750
Matt Shirley-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,750
Matt Turner-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,750
Leifeste/Barry-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,750
Bob Manning-I-80/Bull-$5,750
Josh Copas-Bojo/Bull-$5,750
Caffee Ranch-I-80/Bull-$5,750
Tommy Schroeder-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,750
Kendall Bremer-Monopoly/Bull-$5,750
Tommy Schroeder-Solid Gold/Bull-$5,750
Bushy Park Farm-Mercedes Benz/Bull-$5,750
Steve Holtz-Dakota Gold/Heifer-$5,600
Champions In Waiting -Monopoly/Heifer-$5,600
Potts Show Cattle-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,600
Kirby Eaves-Heat Wave/Heifer-$5,600
Dax Lautner-I-80/Bull-$5,600
Devon Fraker-I-80/Steer-$5,510
Brock Welshan-I-80/Heifer-$5,501
Wolfridge/ Kelly Long-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Dan Schneider-Walk This Way/Steer-$5,500
Aaron Volosin-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Gateway Genetics-Monopoly 4/Steer-$5,500
Snake Run Cattle Co/Meadow Lake Angus-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Wayne & Barb Ohlrichs-Uno Mas/Heifer-$5,500
Jeremy Skoglund-Walks This Way/Heifer-$5,500
Smith Show Cattle -Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Knudson Cattle Co-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Deatsman Farms-I-80/Steer-$5,500
Dan Laufenberg-Grizzly Bear/Steer-$5,500
Dean Staley–Monopoly/Monopoly Clone/Heifer-$5,500
Dean Staley-Monopoly/Monopoly Clone/Heifer-$5,500
Burch Livestock-Bojo/Bull-$5,500
Shatto Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,500
Keller Club Calves-I-80/Heifer-$5,500
Dykstra Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Wolfe Farms-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,500
Kendall Bremer-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
KOLT Cattle-Monopoly 2/Heifer-$5,500
Moonen Cattle Co-Uno Mas/Heifer-$5,500
Moonen Cattle Co & Lucky Strike Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,500
Korey Schenk-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Brock Wallace-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,500
Brian Courtney-Monopoly/Steer-$5,500
Brian and Heather Cummings-General Lee/Bull-$5,500
Bihl Farms-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,500
Kopp Land & Livestock-Unstoppable/Bull/Steer-$5,500
Geffert Cattle Co-I-80/Bull-$5,500
Joe & Kris Knowles-Mercedes Benz/Bull-$5,500
J. Riley-I-80/Bull-$5,500
Tyler Thernes-Who Made Who/Heifer-$5,500
Tim Schaeffer-I-80/Bull-$5,500
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,500
Devon Fraker-I-80/Steer-$5,423
Gateway Genetics-Walk This Way/Steer-$5,350
Kirk Forsythe-Ready2Rumble/Steer-$5,350
Cattle Company Online-Chopper/Steer-$5,350
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Heat Wave- Steer-$5,350
Stohlmann Show Cattle-Monopoly 2/Steer-$5,300
Bruns, Criner and Jackson-Monopoly/Steer-$5,259
Roeber Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,251
Curtis Wolff-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,251
Craig Steck-Solid Gold/Heifer-$5,251
Gray Show Cattle-Bojo/Heifer-$5,251
Keegan Moonen-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,250
Keegan Moonen -Bojo/Steer-$5,250
Humphrey Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$5,250
Agle Family-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,250
Snake Run Cattle Co/Meadow Lake Angus-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,250
Tony Simons- Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,250
Altena Show Cattle-Bodacious/Heifer-$5,250
Altena Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Bushy Park Farm-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Mathews Cattle Company-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,250
Smith Show Cattle -I-80/Heifer-$5,250
Tillman Show Cattle-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,250
Kevin Bremer-Ali/Steer-$5,250
Danner Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,250
Baughman Show Cattle-I-80/Steer-$5,250
Dykstra Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,250
Larrison Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$5,250
Wolfe Farms-Monopoly 2/Heifer-$5,250
Charlie Parker-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,250
Jirl Buck-I-80/Bull-$5,250
Keeton Show Steers-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,250
Luke Doris-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,250
Bob Manning-I-80/Heifer-$5,250
Korey Schenk-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,250
Patty Vickland-Chopper/Bull-$5,250
Kendall Bremer-I-80/Bull-$5,250
Adam Potts-Milk Man/Steer-$5,250
Tommy Schroeder-Smoke A Lil Smoke/Steer-$5,250
Bushy Park Farm-Mercedes Benz/Bull-$5,250
Paulsen Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,250
Greiner Farms-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,100
Bulling Cattle Company-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,050
Hoblyn Farms-Monopoly/Steer-$5,050
Christie/GMC-Walk This Way/Steer-$5,013
Hoefling/Treinen Show Cattle-Monopoly Money/Heifer-$5,010
Justin Holloway-Solid Gold/Steer-$5,005
Roeber Show Cattle-Monopoly/Steer-$5,001
Nolan Staley-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Landgren Ranch-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Jason Bihl-I-80/Steer-$5,000
Schneider Farms-I-80/Steer-$5,000
Hoefling/Treinen Show Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$5,000
Edleman Ranch-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Devon Fraker-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Kellon Whitley-I-80/Heifer-$5,000
Burch Livestock-Chopppin Wood/Steer-$5,000
Dykstra Show Cattle-Bodacious/Heifer-$5,000
Scott Hellbusch-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Wolfridge/Kelly Long-Bodacious/Bull-$5,000
Jirl Buck- Maine Man/Heifer-$5,000
Tommy Schroeder-Texas Twister/Heifer-$5,000
Kelly Burch -I-67/Steer-$5,000
Kelly Burch -Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
QW Livestock-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Chris Smith-Monopoly 2/Bull-$5,000
Paulsen Cattle-I-80/Heifer-$5,000
Jeff Holmes-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Jeff Holmes-I-67/Bull-$5,000
Bushy Park Farm- I-80/Heifer-$5,000
Tim Schaeffer-I-80/Bull-$5,000
Bushy Park Farm-Monopoly/Bull-$5,000
Steve Bryant-Unstoppable/Steer-$5,000
Luke Doris-Monopoly/Steer-$5,000
Colby Collins-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,000
Bulling Cattle Company-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000
Remmington and Casey Weiss-I-80/Steer-$5,000
Jeff Miller-Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,000
Healy Show Cattle–I-67/Steer-$5,000
Sieck Show Cattle-Heat Wave/Steer-$5,000
Berenda Farms-I-80/Heifer-$5,000
Berenda Farms -Unstoppable/Heifer-$5,000
Fennig Show Cattle-Monopoly/Heifer-$5,000


Brian Martin – Monopoly Steer – $100,000
Bellar Cattle Co – Out of a Heat Wave Dam – $90,000
Bushy Park – Unstoppable Heifer – $80,000
Shannon Voegele – Monopoly Bull – $76,000
Jirl Buck – I-80 Heifer – $75,000
Nick Reimann – Monopoly Steer – $70,000+
Mike Mimms – Milkman Steer – $64,000
Green Oaks Farm – I-80 Heifer – $65,000
Apex Cattle – Crimson Tide Bull – $61,000
Bushy Park Farm-Unstoppable bull- $60,000
Bushy Park – Out of a Heat Wave Dam – $59,000
Mike Mimms – Solid Gold Steer – $58,000
Daake/Dorn – Heat Wave Dam – $57,500
Nick Reimann-Monopoly Heifer-$57,000
Daake/Dorn – Heat Wave Dam – $57,000
Rob Vanhove-Monopoly Bull-$50,250
Jason Jensen-Heat Wave Steer-$52,000
Fred Jepsen – Who Made Who Dam – $50,000
Rob Vanhove-Heat Wave Steer-$48,500
Kendall Bremer – Unstoppable Heifer – $47,000
Jason Jensen – Heat Wave Steer – $44,000
Mike Mimms – Solid Gold Steer – $44,000
Streitmatter Show Cattle – I-80 Bull- $42,500
Mittag Show Cattle | Monopoly Steer – $42,000
Brian Martin – Solid Gold Heifer – $41,000
Paulsen – Chopper Heifer – $40,000
Volek/Rasmussen – Monopoly Heifer – $40,000
Geffert/Nagel – Monopoly Steer – $38,500
Blind Badger – Chopper Heider – $37,000
Gene Wilson – I-67 Steer – $36,750
Mark Walker – Monopoly Heifer – $36,500
Bushy Park – I-80 Heifer – $35,000
Ryan Goehring – I-80 Steer – $33,000
Cory Miller – I-80 Heifer – $32,000
Cory Miller – Monopoly Steer – $32,000
Kirk & Ky Stierwalt- Monopoly Steer – $32,000
Ward Eckloff – Heat Wave Steer – $32,000
Jim Cowan-I-80 x WMW Bull Prospect 2/3 Semen Interest sold for $31,000
Adam White – I-80 Heifer – $30,000+
Mike Mimms- Heat Wave Steer – $30,000
Dan Sullivan – Heat Wave Steer – $30,000
Jeff Holmes – Chopper Heifer – $29,500
Glen Maples- Monopoly Steer – $29,500
Kris Black – Smoke and Mirrors Steer – $29,000
Ward Eckloff – Heat Wave Steer – $28,750
Andy Jones – I-80 Heifer – $27,500
Shannon Voegele – Chopper Heifer – $27,100
Sherwood/Jauret – Heat Wave Steer- $27,000
Jerod Schmitt – Monopoly Heifer – $26,500
Lehman/Geffert – Monopoly Steer – $26,500
Chad Chaplin – Solid Gold Heifer – $26,000
Bushy Park – I-80 Heifer – $25,000
Kirk Forsythe- Unstoppable Bull – $25,000
Bushy Park Farm – Red Rock Heifer – $25,000
Bushy Park – Monopoly Heifer – $25,000
Kirk Roecker – Heat Wave Heifer – $24,750
Wade Rodgers – Monopoly Heifer – $24,500
Matt Lautner – Monopoly Money Steer – $24,500
Ward Eckloff – Heat Wave Steer – $24,500
Garwood Cattle Co – I-80 Heifer – $23,000
Sieck Show Cattle – Monopoly Steer – $23,000
Bushy Park – Monopoly Heifer – $22,590
Hoblyn Farms-Monopoly Steer-$22,500
Brandon Daniels – Monopoly Steer – $22,500
Wes Keller – Monopoly Heifer – $22,500
Kevin Heath – Choppin Wood Steer – $22,000
Charlie Wilson – I-80 Heifer – $22,000
Dan Sullivan – Heat Wave Steer – $21,750
Elliott Cattle Co. – Texas Twister Steer – $21,500
NMJ Show Cattle – Monopoly 2 Steer – $20,500
Jason Scheetz – Heat Wave – $20,500
Rob Vanhove- Monoply Steer-$20,250
Kirk Roecker – Heat Wave Steer – $20,250
Blind Badger – Bojo Heifer – $20,000
Vickland – Monopoly Steer – $20,000
Jason Minnaert-I-67 Heifer-$20,000
Jason Scheetz – Heat Wave – $20,000
Wiese Cattle – Boardwalk Steer – $20,000
Matt Lautner – Monopoly Money Steer – $19,500
Wayne Ohlrichs – Monopoly Heifer – $19,500
Bushy Park Farm – Monopoly Steer – $19,500
Bushy Park Farm – Monopoly Heifer – $19,500
Kendal Bremer – I-80 Heifer – $19,000
Rick Frye – Monopoly 2 Steer – $19,000
Charlie Wilson – Golden Child Grand Dam – $19,000
Eric Baudino – Monopoly Steer – $18,500
Jason Scheetz – Heat Wave – $18,500
Campbell Cattle Co – Monopoly Steer – $18,500
Lackey Livestock – Monopoly Heifer – $18,500
Taylor Lueking – Monopoly Heifer – $18,000+
Jason Scheetz – Heat Wave – $18,000
Oran Wolfe – Thriller Heifer – $18,000
Carrousel Farms – Jesse James Steer – $17,750
Eric Baudino – Monopoly Steer – $17,500
Matt Lautner – I-80 Heifer – $17,500
Tommy Schroeder – Smoke and Mirrors Steer – $17,500
Pryor Show Cattle Online Sale – Monopoly Heifer – $17,500
Duchs Cattle Co – Walk This Way Bull – $17,000
Jason Scheetz – Monopoly – $20,500
Nick Reimann – Walk This Way Steer – $16,500
Tommy Schroeder – Smoke and Mirrors Steer – $16,500
Nick Reimann – Walk This Way Steer – $16,500
Lazy P Cattle – Monopoly Heifer – $16,500
Charlie Wilson – Unstoppable Heifer – $16,500
Kirk & Ky Stierwalt – Monopoly Heifer – $16,500
Kopp Livestock – Monopoly Bull/Steer – $16,500
Carrousel Farms – Heat Wave Steer – $16,250
Carrousel Farms – Jesse James Steer – $16,000+
Foster Brothers – Heat Wave Steer – $16,001
Hellbusch Cattle – Monopoly Steer – $16,000
Oklahoma Bovine Genetics – Monopoly Steer – $16,000
McDaniel/Wiedel-Monopoly Steer-$15,000
Aces Wild – Red Rock Steer – $15,500
McDaniel/Wiedel-Monopoly- Comm/Mkt Heifer-$15,500
Cowan Cattle – I-80 Bull Semen Interest – $15,500
Jim Baughman-Monopoly Heifer-$15,500
Netzke Online Sale – Monopoly Steer – $15,500
Green Oaks Farm – Monopoly Heifer – $15,500
Schulte Show Cattle – I-80 Steer – $15,250
Rob Vanhove-Bojo Steer-$15,000
Rob Vanhove- Monopoly Heifer-$15,000
Rob Vanhove-Monopoly Heifer-$15,000
Vickland Show Cattle – Monopoly Heifer – $15,000
Blind Badger – I-80 Heifer – $15,000
Eric Baudino – I-80 Heifer – $15,000
Bradley Hale – Milkman Cow – $15,000
Bushy Park – Monopoly Heifer – $15,000
Jerod Schmitt – I-80 Heifer – $15,000
Josh Blackford-Monopoly Money Steer-$15,000
Pat Wiese – Boardwalk Steer – $15,000
Schaeffer/Tice Unstoppable Heifer – $15,000
Jim Baughman – Monopoly Steer – $15,000
Ben Kelly – Walkie Talkie Steer – $15,000
Shike Cattle Co – Monopoly/Clone Bull – $15,000
Horn/Heldermon – Monopoly Steer – $15,000
John Gruhn – Bojo Heifer – $14,500
Glen Maples – Proud Jazz Steer – $14,500
Wade Rodgers – Monopoly Heifer – $14,505
Tony Frost – Monopoly Heifer – $14,000
Carrousel Farms – Monopoly Steer – $14,000
Tim Burke – Monopoly 2 Steer – $14,000
McDaniel/Wiedel – Monopoly Heifer – $14,000
Southeast Iowa Club Calves – Monopoly Heifer – $14,000
Seth Johnson – Monopoly Steer – $13,551
Vickland – Monopoly Steer – $13,500
Jim Martin – Unstoppable Steer – $13,500
Cardinal Cattle Co – I-80 Heifer – $13,500
Scott Gilbertson – Monopoly Heifer – $13,500
Oran Wolfe – Thriller Heifer – $13,500
Wes Keller – I-80 Heifer – $13,500
Preston Graves – Milkman Heifer – $13,000
Jeff Holmes – Monopoly Steer – $13,000
Eichler Club Calves – Thriller Heifer – $13,000
Shea Geffert | I-80 Heifer | $13,000
Dennett & Eichler | Thriller Heifer | $13,000
Bremer Show Cattle – Milkman Steer – $13,000
Carrousel Farms | Jesse James x First Calf Heifer) Steer | $12,750
Ward Eckloff – Heat Wave Steer – $12,750
Fraker Show Cattle-Monopoly Steer-$12,500
John Gruhn – Jesse James Bull – $12,500+
Knapp Show Cattle – Monopoly Steer – $12,500
Kurt Goertzen – Monopoly Heifer – $12,500
Jeff Jackson – Monopoly Heifer – $12,500
Glamour Girls – Monopoly Heifer – $12,500
Soehnlen/Kreisler – Monopoly Heifer – $12,450
Rob Vanhove-Heat Wave Steer-$12,000
Rob Vanhove-Monopoly Steer-$12,000
Rob Vanhove-Monopoly Heifer-$12,000
Mark Walker-Chopper Heifer-$12,000
Donathon McIntosh-Heat Wave Steer-$12,000
Matt Lautner Cattle-Monopoly Heifer-$12,000
Shannon Voegele – I-80 Heifer – $12,000
Eric Lee – Mercedes Benz Heifer – $12,000
Jeff Jackson – Heat Wave Heifer – $12,000
Scott/Erik – Tiger Woods Bull – $12,000
Steve White – Bojo Heifer – $11,750
Mark Walker – Monopoly Heifer – $11,500
Kilmer Land & Cattle-Monopoly Heifer-$11,500
Larry Reifschneider – Monopoly 2 Heifer – $11,500
Shannon Voegele | Monopoly Steer | $11,500
Tim Burke | Monopoly Steer | $11,500
Garwood Cattle Co – I-80 Bull – $11,500
Ottman Show Steers – King Of The Mountain Steer – $11,500
Todd Hensley | Monopoly Heifer | $11,500
Horn/Heldermon – Monopoly Steer – $11,500
Floyd Cattle Co – Monopoly Heifer – $11,500
Soehnlen/Kreisler – Monopoly Heifer – $11,250
Brad Chapman/ Arlan Mohr | Monopoly Heifer | $11,001
Wes Keller | Heat Wave Heifer | $11,001
Elliott Cattle Co. – Red Rock Steer – $11,001
Copeland – Choppin Wood Heifer – $11,000
James Williams – Heat Wave Steer – $11,000
Matt Hueber – I80 Heifer – $11,000
Brock Welshan- Milk Man- Heifer- $11,000
Nic Holley – Monopoly Heifer – $11,000
Tim Burke-Monopoly Steer-$11,000
Carrousel Farms | Monopoly Heifer | $11,000 +
Brandon Daniels – Bodacious Steer – $11,000
Charlie Wilson – Monopoly Steer – $11,000
Wes Keller | Monopoly Steer | $11,000
Oran Wolfe | Monopoly Heifer | $11,000
Wayne Ohlrichs-Chopper Heifer-$10,550
Chad Forman – Monopoly Steer – $10,500
Chad Forman – Monopoly Heifer – $10,500
Charlie Wilson – I-80 Heifer – $10,500
Troy Goretska-Monopoly Steer-$10,500
Carrousel Farms-Monopoly Heifer-$10,500
Parrott/Walbrecht-Monopoly Heifer-$10,500
Matt Lautner Online Sale-I-67 Heifer-$10,500
Gregory Farms – Smoke and Mirrors Heifer – $10,500
Greg Christo – Monopoly Heifer – $10,500
McDaniel/Wiedel – Monopoly Steer -$10,500
Fraker Show Cattle – Bojo Heifer – $10,500
Bushy Park Farm – Monopoly Heifer – $10,500
Todd Hensley – Monopoly Heifer – $10,500
Mike Mimms – Heat Wave Steer – $10,400
Rob Vanhove- Walks This Way Steer-$10,250
Ward Eckloff – I-80 Steer – $10,250
Foster Brothers – Heat Wave Bull – $10,250
Dunklau/Steck – Heat Wave Bull – $10,250
Scott Gilbertson – Monopoly Steer – $10,250
Ward Eckloff – Heat Wave Steer – $10,250
Ward Eckloff – I-80 Steer – $10,250
Lesky Cattle – Wave on Wave Steer – $10,200
Jeff Holmes – Unstoppable Heifer – $10,001
Phil Lautner- Unstoppable Bull-$10,000
Dax Lautner-Walks This Way Steer-$10,000
Vickland Show Cattle – Thriller Heifer – $10,000
Paul Grace – Monopoly Heifer – $10,100
Voegele – Monopoly Steer – $10,000
Eric Baudino – Heat Wave Steer – $10,000
Ryan Goehring – I-80 Heifer – $10,000
Ben Kelly – Heat Wave Steer – $10,000
Donathon McIntosh-Bodacious Steer-$10,000
Curtis Doubet- Monopoly Steer-$10,000
Knapp Show Cattle – I-80 Steer – $10,000
Garwood Cattle Co – Bodacious Steer – $10,000
Garwood Cattle Co – I-80 Heifer – $10,000
Knapp Cattle Company – Monopoly/Clone Bull – $10,000
Steve White – I-80 Heifer – $10,000
Bushy Park Farm – Tiger Woods Heifer – $10,000
Floyd Cattle Co – Heat Wave Bull – $10,000
Luke James Cattle Co – Heat Wave Steer – $10,000
Parker Cattle Co. – Bojo Heifer – $10,000
Dax Lautner – Walk This Way Steer – $10,000
Matt Hueber – I80 Steer – $9850
Kirk & Ky Stierwalt – Bojo Heifer – $9,850
Preston Graves – Monopoly Heifer – $9750
James Williams – Thriller Steer – $9750
Matt Hueber – Solid Gold Steer – $9750
Schaeffer & Tice -Monopoly Heifer-$9,750
Andy Jones – I-80 Heifer – $9750
Gateway Genetics – Choppin’ Wood Steer – $9750
J/D Cattle Co – Monopoly Steer – $9750
Hoosier Extravaganza Sale – I-80 Heifer – $9750
Steve White – Monopoly 2 Bull – $9,750
Darren Striezek | Monopoly Steer |$9750
Bushy Park Farm – Monopoly Heifer- $9,700
Damon Fesmire – Thriller Heifer – $9500
Mike Huston-Monopoly Heifer-$9,501
Bradley Hale – Heat Wave Cow – $9,500
Devon Fraker – I-80 Heifer – $9500
Jerod Schmitt – Unstoppable Steer – $9,500
Scott Jorgensen-Monopoly Heifer-$9,500
Tim Burke – King Of The Mountain Steer – $9500
Tim Burke – Monopoly Money Steer – $9500
K&S Cattle Co. – Red Bull Steer – $9,500
Doris Show Cattle – Monopoly Steer – $9,500
Cory Miller – Solid Gold Heifer – $9250
Jeff Holmes – Monopoly Heifer – $9250
Wayne Ohlrichs – Monopoly Steer – $9250
Scott Heinrich – Walkie Talkie Heifer – $9250
Ward Eckloff – Monopoly Heifer – $9250
McGuire/Vehrs – Monopoly Heifer – $9,050
Anthony Topmiller – Monopoly Heifer – $9001
Dax Lautner- Walks This Way Steer-$9,000
Voegele – Heat Wave Heifer – $9,000
Schaeffer & Tice-Monopoly Heifer-$9,000
NMJ Show Cattle-Monopoly 2 Heifer-$9,000
Eichler Club Calves – Monopoly Heifer – $9000
John Broders | Monopoly Steer | $9000
Rick Frye | Monopoly 2 Steer | $9000
Carrousel Farms | Heat Wave Steer | $9000
Garwood Cattle Company | Monopoly Heifer | $9000
Jason Shatto – Unstoppable Steer – $9000
Jason Shatto – Heat Wave Steer – $9000
Jeff Miller – Monopoly Steer – $9000
Wes Keller – Monopoly Steer – $9000
Dax Lautner – Walk This Way Steer – $9,000
Bushy Park Farm – Unstoppable Heifer – $8,800
Faris Simon – I-80 Heifer – $8750
Dax Lautner – Milkman Heifer – $8750
Grace Show Cattle-Monopoly Steer-$8,750
Ward Eckloff | Heat Wave Steer | $8750
Schneider Bros. – Unstoppable Steer – $8,750
Christie/GMC – Monopoly Steer – $8,750
Mike Mimms – Heat Wave Steer- $8,600
Jase Mixer – Monopoly 2 Heifer – $8500
Seth Johnson – Monopoly Heifer – $8500
Jim Baughman-Monopoly Heifer-$8,500
Paul Grace – Heat Wave Heifer – $8500
Kurt Goertzen – Smoke A Lil Smoke Heifer – $8500
Kendal Bremer  – Monopoly Heifer – $8,500
Cactus Rose – Heat Wave – $8,500
Hammer Ranch – Heat Wave Heifer – $8,257
Jim Baughman – Monopoly Heifer – $8250
John Feichtner – I-80 Heifer – $8250
John Feichtner – Monopoly Heifer – $8250
Charlie Wilson-Torrington Heifer-$8,250
Ben Kelly – I-80 Heifer – $8250
Clayton Frye – Monopoly Steer – $8250
Matt Copeland – Unstoppable Steer – $8250
Goddard – Monopoly Steer – $8250
Roeber Show Cattle – Monopoly Heifer – $8250
Rick Schultz  – Monopoly Heifer – $8250
Shike Cattle Co – I-80 Heifer – $8,250
Sieck Show Cattle – Monopoly Heifer – $8250
Shike Cattle Co – I-80 Bull – $8,250
Graves Cattle Co – I-80 Heifer – $8,250
Mike Mimms – Solid Gold Steer – $8,250
Skinner Cattle Co – Solid Gold Steer – $8,250
Ryan Knudsen – Monopoly Steer – $8250
Meryl Dodd- Unstoppable Heifer- $8,100
Kastel Show Cattle – Monopoly Heifer – $8100
John Feichtner – I-80 Steer – $8000
Kilmer Land & Cattle-Monopoly Heifer-$8,001
Hornung Show Cattle – Thriller Heifer -$8001
Gateway Genetics – Heat Wave Heifer – $8000
Voegele – Monopoly Money Steer – $8,000
McDaniel/Wiedel-Monopoly Heifer-$8,000
Schaeffer & Tice-Monopoly Heifer=$8,000
Clayton Frye – Monopoly Steer – $8000
Larry Reifschneider – Monopoly 2 Heifer – $8000
Matt Lautner – Monopoly Heifer – $8000
J/D Cattle Co – I-80 Heifer – $8000
Ward Eckloff | Heat Wave Steer | $8000
Greiner Farms | Monopoly Steer | $8000
Schaeffer/Tice – Monopoly Money Heifer – $8,000
Derek Sandy – Unstoppable Heifer – $8,000
Fraker Show Cattle – I-80 Heifer – $8,000
Shike Cattle Co – Thriller Heifer – $8,000
Bushy Park Farm – Black Diamond Bull – $8,000
Cactus Rose/Nick Tooker- Monopoly – $8,000
Chad Chaplin – Solid Gold Heifer – $8,000
Lutrick Show Cattle – Bojo Steer – $8,000
Luke James Cattle Co – Choppin Wood Steer – $8,000
Holmes Show Cattle-Monopoly Steer-$7,900
Mark Walker – Monopoly Steer – $7,900
Charlie Wilson-Monopoly Heifer-$7,850
Andy Jones – Monopoly Steer – $7,850
Pesek Cattle Farm – Tiger Woods Heifer – $7,752
Jeff Holmes – I-80 Heifer – $7750
Jeff Holmes – Thriller Heifer – $7750
Brad Smith – Thriller Heifer – $7750
John Broders-Monopoly 2 Steer-$7,750
Brandon Daniels-I-80 Steer-$7,750
Mittag Show Cattle | Walkie Talkie Heifer | $7,750
Steve White – Heat Wave Bull – $7,750
Derek Sandy | I-80 Heifer | $7,750
Rob Vanhove-Monopoly Heifer-$7,500
Nick Tooker – Bojo Steer – $7500
Kirk Stierwalt – Bojo Steer – $7500
Kirk Stierwalt

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