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Author: Nicole Lautner

*Maternal Sib to Gradys Ft Worth Champion Steer* A really special calf here for lots of reasons. I thought he was born blind. Both of his eyes were completely white when he was born and appeared to be blind. I sent a snap chat to Chad Holtkamp saying “another blind one that’s line bred” he called right away to to tell me that he had one born like that a few years ago that looked just like that. His vet told him that his calf was born with “sheep’s pinkeye” and to treat it like regular pinkeye. So I gave this calf some penicillin and LA200. The calf responded well to the treatment but still has small white spot in one eye but can see well. After about 2 weeks on his Recip mother I noticed that he was falling behind and not looking right. I found that she had mastitis in three of her quarters so he then became a bottle calf. On a bottle for a couple weeks I tried drafting him on two cows with no luck so them he became a bottle calf again. I had a cow that had a calf die out in the pasture for some unknown reason that was about 45 days old. The dead calf’s mother was walking the pasture looking for a calf. I happened to be talking with Jeff Lynch that morning and told him that I really would like to get this bottle calf on a cow because I thought he was a really good calf and needed to be on a cow. He told me a wild story about putting 20cc of penicillin down each side of a cows nose and 20cc down her mouth and then squirting some on the calf’s back. To get a cow to claim a calf. I thought what did I have to lose but I never thought it would work. So I did what he said and let him nurse in my calving pen. I came back in the barn the next day and he was sucking and she was licking his back! I about fell over. This calf has been called “Penicillin” ever since. After a lot of thought about how and when to sell this calf I guess now is the time. True to my saying of “No Puff. No Fluff. No Funny Stuff.” I’m going to sell this calf off pics and a video with him on cement, half wet with no sun. The pictures and video are straight off my cell phone with absolutely no alteration or editing done to them they were taken in a light rain on 12-20. He has been tied and washed a couple of times. He is so hairy that he honestly looks better with his hair down and flat in a pic or video. But rest assured when he is fluffed and puffed with a haircut he will look like a stud. I truly think this is one of the better calves to come out of here. We have been fortunate over the years to have some good calves get into the right situations and go on to win some big shows. I really think this calf in the right hands with a little luck could do big big things. Call me if you have any questions. Rick Frye- tel:319-361-6600
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