Matt Lautner Cattle Private Treaty Bid-Off

Author: Kristy

Matt Lautner Cattle Private Treaty Bid-Off 
October 15th, 2011
Bids due by 6:00pm
Contact Matt Lautner, 515-450-2800 or Josh Greiner, 515-460-3398

Tag 50 Monopoly x Irish Whiskey GD

Tag 2 Monopoly x Maine 

Tag 3 Heat Wave x Pale Face

Tag 4 Monopoly x Shorthorn

Tag 5 Dirty Harry 2 x Shorthorn

Tag 6 Jimmy the Greek x Jack Frost

Tag 7 Monopoly x PB Simmental

Tag 8 Boardwalk x Take Charge

Tag 9 Bojo x Meyer son/Cunia

Tag 10 Thriller x Hotmail

Tag 11 Trading Favors x Angus/HeatSeeker

Tag 12 Jesse James x Maine/Cross

Tag 13 Boardwalk x Monopoly x Monopoly Money’s Dam

Tag 14 Monopoly x Hostage 

Tag 15 Boardwalk x Flush/Habanero

Tag 17 Bojo x PB Simmental

Tag 18 Heat Wave x Simm/Angus

Tag 19 Monopoly x Witch Doctor

Tag 20 Tiger Woods x Texas Hold’em

Tag 21 Bojo x Sim/Angus

Tag 22 Boardwalk x Meyer GD

Tag 23 Monopoly x Shorthorn/MA/Chi

Tag 26 Tiger Woods x Texas Hold’em

Tag 28 Uno Mas x Simm/Cross

Tag 29 Monopoly x Simmi/Angus

Tag 30 Monopoly x Meyer

Tag 31 Monopoly x Meyer 

Tag 32 Heat Wave x Charolais

Tag 33 Monopoly x Chi/Cross

Tag 34 Boardwalk x Deiter Chi

Tag 35 Bojo x Polo 

Tag 36 Heat Wave x Habanero

Tag 37 Heat Wave x Picasso

Tag 38 Monopoly x Maine 

Tag 39 Monopoly x Maine/Cross

Tag 40 Monopoly x Maine

Tag 41 Tiger Woods x White Boy

Tag 42 Monopoly x Char Cross

Tag 43 Heat Wave x Power Plant

Tag 44 Boardwalk X Strictly Business

Tag 46 Monopoly x PB Simmental

Tag 47 Monopoly x PB Simmental

Tag 48 Jimmy the Greek x Dinero

Tag 49 Monopoly x Meyer 

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