Work smarter not harder

Author: Nicole Lautner

Every one of us needs a gate like this! These are original ATV/UTV gates made from Bill’s Gates Mfg of Philip, SD! Now, before you start thinking, “Suuuuuurrrre….until a member of my herd learns to knock this thing down and venture out while I’m hours away from the farm!”, because if you’re like us, that’s when our cows feel like exercising. I did some reading & found that they have been making these gates for 5 years & have not had an issue themselves, nor have any customers reported, with any livestock found able to go through the gates! The tension of the springs is quite strong, so force has to be maintained by stepping on the rungs all the way through. It’s not like a typical gate where they might push on it and it stays open as they gradually work it further open. I don’t know what they cost, but I’m inclined to find out so that my days as ‘gate holder’ can soon come to an end. 😉

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